IAEA Report: Green Light to Strike Iran?

Last week a new classified IAEA Report on nuclear verification in Iran was circulated to the Agency’s Board of Governors and the UN Security Council. Curiously enough, it was immediately leaked to the Associated Press and gained a hefty coverage by the international media condemning Tehran for ‘working on all aspects of research toward making a nuclear weapon.’

On Thursday November 17, 2011 this report entitled ‘Implementation of the NPT Safeguards Agreement and Relevant Provisions of Security Council Resolutions in the Islamic Republic of Iran’ will be considered behind closed doors by the 35-strong IAEA Board to draw up appropriate action. Unlike previous IAEA documents regarding ‘Iranian nuclear problem’, the paper is based not only on the evidence gathered by IAEA inspectors legally stationed on the Iranian territory, but several foreign intelligence agencies as well.

According to a Russian source in Vienna who has access to the report, the context of information presented by these agencies very much resembles notorious ‘intelligence’ aimed to justify NATO invasion in Iraq in 2003 on alleged Saddam’s WMD dossier, a leakage officially recognized as fake years later.

Many statements made recently with the reference to this still unpublished report, are obviously false. For example, the IAEA Report does not even mention Russian nuclear physicist Vyacheslav Danilenko, who Washington Post blamed last week for assisting the Iranians to create a nuclear device in 1990s. The Russian State Corporation ‘Rosatom’ and Foreign Affairs Ministry have already made to IAEA all necessary clarifications on the matter explaining that there are no other spheres of nuclear cooperation between Russia and Iran but construction of Bushehr atomic power plant and the sales of medical isotopes.

It is critically important to understand whether IAEA has really acquired any new and trustworthy facts confirming the existence of military component in the legitimate Iranian nuclear program or we are facing a deliberate and counterproductive scaremongering. At the same time the issue of reliability of documentation management inside IAEA Secretariat should be inevitably raised. The repeating of uncontrolled leakages on such a sensitive issue as nuclear proliferation can lead to eventual complete loss of trust to the IAEA officials among their national counteragents. ‘The data are very scandalous’, – confirmed our source in Vienna, ‘But there are no new factual details in the report.’

No doubt that the leakage of the new IAEA report was organized to set up a sufficient pretext to impose additional sanctions on Iran or even launch a military operation against Tehran regime. The president of Israel Shimon Perez has already announced that the Jewish state is inclining to the military solution of the Iranian problem rather than the diplomatic one. So an endeavor by the global elites to foment another conflict in the Middle East to restructure and reformat the region into chaotic Greater Middle East is evident. There is no sense in analyzing the argumentation of those who are triggering a new round of anti-Iranian hysteria as it is nothing else but another subtle propaganda campaign realized by a powerful conglomerate of international media. Their ability to cover the events independently was already shown to us during 8-months-long Libyan drama. Today’s Iran is the only obstacle on the way to Greater Middle East project.

At the same time Israel turned up to be in a quite sensitive situation. For the last three years the US policy towards Israel has been notably shifted. It is no longer an ‘enormous US aircraft carrier’ in the Middle East. In the context of Arab spring revolutions many experts think that the USA has stood Israel up. Now Tel-Aviv has to change its policy or undertake a decisive action to regain a dominating position in the region. However the success of such action is absolutely not guaranteed (just recall the Israeli failure in Lebanon in 2006).

As far as the Iranian nuclear program is concerned, two points are crystal clear. First, there are no serious advances in this program although Tehran’s quite logical desire to achieve a nuclear warhead might be a case. Second, if the West is so much concerned over alleged Iranian nuclear research, why does it keep silent about existing Israeli nuclear missiles? Why IAEA does not prepare reports about Israeli nuclear threat along with Iranian?

What we are witnessing is a typical example of double standards in international politics, related to venal interests of a few powerful players. Some countries are declared ‘rogue states’, the others are ‘leaders’ and ‘role models’. Obviously, their distinction is a complete excess, voluntarism and gang-style approach to international affairs. The ‘world order’ and ‘global justice’ is certainly not the terminus of such politics. We can only speculate on the outcome taking into account another impending wave of financial crisis getting closer. Many analysts predict catastrophic scenario to the world.

Meanwhile alarming suggestions about another world war that would eventually regulate the financial market and stabilize the international relations sound very provocative. The US economy is heavily militarized; with US$700 billion military budget exceeding all defense spending of the rest of the world summed up. So the overall tendency is clear: the West desperately seeks a big war that would facilitate burning off all unsecured stocks of the US dollars and deflate speculative bubbles on the key commodity markets. The only thing the powerful players do not explain the Western people is that the price of such global reshuffle will be a drastic fall of their living standards.

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