Month: December 2016

Syria After The Latest Ceasefire

(Please read the first two articles, “Is the Tripartite really on the verge of ‘dicing up’ Syria?” and “Syria’s diplomatic ammo going into the Astana political fight”, in order to understand the relevant background and analytical forecasts pertaining to Syria’s situation after the latest ceasefire. This article is a summarized […]

Is the Tripartite really on the verge of “dicing up” Syria?

Reuters just released a scandalous report jam-packed with statements from “unnamed sources” alleging that the Tripartite of Russia, Iran, and Turkey are conspiring to “dice Syria into spheres of influence”. Considering that it’s chock-full of unverifiable “statements” and rampant speculation, the article shouldn’t be taken too seriously and could very […]

Macedonia: The Day After Tearce

The results are in, and VMRO has beaten back yet another ‘soft coup’ attempt in the Republic of Macedonia. Although there were very legitimate fears that SDSM and its foreign backers might resort to large-scale voter fraud and other such tricks in order to tip the scales in their favor, […]


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