The Crimean Bridge Bombing Article Shows How Infowars Are Waged

A writer for the Washington Examiner called upon Ukraine to bomb the newly opened Crimean Bridge.

Tom Rogan implored the US’ newest Eastern European ally to hit Russia’s latest infrastructure project with airstrikes in order to render it temporarily unusable in a fantastical operation that he suggests could even receive American military support. While recognizing that Russia would almost certainly retaliate, Rogan believes that the soft power benefits outweigh the hard power costs because of the immense symbolism of Ukraine bombing the bridge, an ultra-extremist position that proves his ideological radicalism.

He’s basically calling for Kiev to commit a terrorist attack against a civilian asset, an egregious crime that could in turn provoke an overwhelming Russian military response that obliterates the attacking party, and all of this just to make a propaganda point against President Putin.

Apart from how strategically counterproductive Rogan’s suggestion is to the same cause of Ukrainian statehood that he purports to uphold, his rant for the Washington Examiner is an abuse of the freedom of speech because it’s being used to rationalize terrorism and preemptively excuse it. Not only that, but the author would certainly be investigated, if not immediately detained and interviewed by, the FBI if he publicly urged anyone to bomb an American bridge.

Tom Rogan
The Russian Investigative Committee (RIC) has opened a criminal case against the American journalist Tom Rogan, who implored the Ukraine to blow up the Crimean Bridge

Just like it usually happens though, the infowar aggressor is now presenting himself as the victim and vice-versa, with Rogan courting sympathy after he was pranked by some famous Russian comedians and had a criminal case opened against him in Moscow.

This is how perception management operations typically work because they oftentimes see a provocateur saying something absolutely absurd in order to prompt a reaction from the targeted party, after which the victimized person or country’s response is then reframed as a hostile and unprovoked attack that feeds into the desired audience’s confirmation bias. Whether that was Rogan’s true intention or not, it looks like he’s trying to become the torchbearer of McCain’s anti-Russian crusade after the Senator passes away.

The post presented is the partial transcript of the CONTEXT COUNTDOWN radio program on Sputnik News, aired on Friday May 25, 2018:

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  1. Tom Rogan sounds like an idiot, an establishment tool. I went and read a few articles by him after seeing this. Horrible.

  2. Julio J. Alvarez

    I wonder if Tom Rogan, or actually the USA and England would dare back up Ukraine, if such a terrorist act would take place. Typical “Western” hypocrisy. Ukraine would be left to herself. Also, the USA occupied and populated half of Mexico’s territory over a century ago, and so did “holy” England took the Malvinas Islands from Argentina, expelling the local Argentinian population and replacing them with English citizens. But no, the “holy” Western nations are never guilty of any wrongdoing whatsoever. If you read history, Crimea was part of Russia, and later part of the Russian Soviet Republic, before it was given to the Ukranian Soviet Republic in 1953 – just a Communist protocol – back then it was just symbolic, since the whole country was the USSR. Everything was part of one country ( USSR ). When Ukraine became independent, Crimea should have been returned to Russia right then and there.
    The “West” wants to dictate their points of view to the whole world, and call things “right” or “wrong” according to their current political and economical ambitions.

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