Kilimanjaro Capital & The Cameroonian Crisis

A Canadian company is reportedly involved in fueling the Cameroonian Crisis.

The online information outlet “Business In Cameroon” published the findings of their extensive investigation alleging that a shadowy resource consultancy firm by the name of “Kilimanjaro Capital” is bankrolling the so-called “Ambazonian” separatists in the country’s Anglophone region. Brice R. Mbodiam, the author of the detailed report, dug up previous press releases from the company announcing that it had clinched oil and mineral deals with the foreign-based self-proclaimed “authorities” for an undisclosed amount of money. Furthermore, Mbodiam also connected the dots in proving that Kilimanjaro Capital has a history of investing in other separatist regions such as Nigeria’s “Biafra” and Angola’s Cabinda, all of which are known for their natural wealth.

To be sure, Mbodiam isn’t the first one to draw attention to Kilimanjaro Capital’s activities, as other reports over the years have documented its involvement in these spaces, but his report is very timely because it reminds people of the contemporary relevance of this company. Its business plan is simple enough, and that’s to buy up the extraction rights to separatist territories so that Kilimanjaro Capital can have a monopoly over them in the unlikely event that its partners succeed in their campaign. Exploiting these groups’ financial situation, the organization likely purchases these rights for comparatively cheap prices that nevertheless grant these fighters much-needed funds for buying more arms and media support.

Cameroonian Crisis

Whether intentionally or not, actors such as Kilimanjaro Capital therefore function as key players in advancing Hybrid Wars all across the world because of the self-interested stake that they have in seeing them succeed so that they can reap a massively profitable return on their “investments”. This places them in the position of possibly being manipulated by foreign intelligence agencies, which might even employ these sorts of companies as “plausibly deniable” front organizations for laundering money to various militant groups. In a sense, Kilimanjaro Capital isn’t all that different from the Soros Foundation in that both organizations partake in speculative high-risk investments aimed at producing geopolitical change, albeit via different mechanisms and means.

The post presented is the partial transcript of the CONTEXT COUNTDOWN radio program on Sputnik News, aired on Friday Jun 29, 2018:

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