Nicaragua’s 10-Military Training Deal Is Really A Pro-US Sell-Out

Nicaragua passing a law that allows 10 different armed forces to train on its territory.

President Ortega’s decree grants “servicemen, aircraft, and vessels from Russia, the United States, Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, the Dominican Republic and Taiwan the right “to stay on the territory of Nicaragua for humanitarian purposes, with the goal to train, study and exchange experience”, which is an obvious attempt to position his country as a “Central American Djibouti” by making it the meeting place of nearly a dozen separate militaries. Unlike the East African state sitting astride the Bab el Mandab strait connecting European and Asian maritime trade routes, Nicaragua doesn’t have anywhere near the geostrategic significance as Djibouti does, and any hopes that a private Chinese company would complete its legendary plans to build a Panama-rivaling canal across the country are now dashed given that Beijing’s Taiwanese rival is being invited to regular military drills there.

Not only that, but training together with the US is akin to selling out Nicaragua’s sovereignty, though that might have been the whole point because the ruling authorities are under heavy pressure to either immediately reform their policies or resign as a result of the Washington-backed Hybrid War currently wreaking havoc within the country. Including multipolar countries such as Russia, Venezuela, and Cuba into this framework is probably not much more than a token gesture designed to disguise the true purpose of this move in serving as a major strategic concession to the US, seeing as how unlikely it is that the Pentagon would tolerate any of those three states’ militaries regularly training in the country that Washington regards as being a former “banana republic” in its own “backyard”.

Instead of coming off as a brilliant “balancing” move that makes a variety of disparate countries stakeholders in its stability, Nicaragua’s military decree appears more and more like a clumsy attempt to hide its leadership’s capitulation to the US. After killing the Central American Silk Road by planting American and Taiwanese flags over it, Ortega has done everything that the US could have wanted, though that doesn’t mean that he should expect any real Hybrid War relief. The US will probably continue pressuring him to commit to irreversible systemic reforms to undo the socialist policies that he institutionalized since returning to power in 2006, which will inevitably lead to the deterioration of his country’s relations with ALBA leader Venezuela. Therefore, Ortega really only has two choices – anti-revolutionary reform or Color Revolution replacement.

The post presented is the partial transcript of the CONTEXT COUNTDOWN radio program on Sputnik News, aired on Friday July 06, 2018:

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