Will Trump Invade Mexico?

Trump ordered 5,200 US troops to the Mexican border in response to the approaching caravan, with some fearing that he intends to take kinetic action against it.

From the looks of it, the President might be preparing to order a limited incursion into Mexico to stop the caravan from reaching American soil, which is something that controversial conservative commentator Ann Coulter recently urged him to do alongside some of his supporters on Twitter who even begged Trump to bomb it well before it reaches the border. His recent Twitter description of the caravan as “an invasion of our country” caused some to contemplate whether he’d instruct the military to deal with it as forcibly as any other sovereign country would react an actual invasion. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, however, earlier clarified that “we do not have any intention right now to shoot at people”, elaborating that “if they come here illegally with no legitimate reason to stay, they absolutely will be apprehended and removed immediately”, but nevertheless reaffirming that the Border Patrol does “have the ability of course to defend themselves”.

Trump seemed to signal the same sentiment when he said that the government planned to build so-called “tent cities” to house legitimate asylum seekers while they await processing, which could conceivably be expedited following the Executive Order that he issued earlier this year during the first Caravan Crisis. This seems to confirm what Vox reported about how the military will probably play a very important backend logistical role as opposed to the dramatic frontline one that many people might be expecting because of legal limitations on what it can and cannot do in this respect. Altogether, however, the deployment will do good on Trump’s promise to improve border security in the face of what some could categorize as being part of Kelly M. Greenhilll’s so-called “Weapons of Mass Migration” model, especially if Pence’s claim about leftist groups and Venezuela funding the caravan turns out to be true.

There’s convincing circumstantial evidence that this might indeed be the case when considering that many of the migrants refused Mexico’s generous offer to provide them with shelter, medical care, schooling, and even jobs because they insisted that they be let into the US, which is undoubtedly very suspicious behavior if they were true asylum seekers fleeing from their homeland’s turmoil to the first safe space available. This strange reaction gives credence to the narrative that shadowy forces are funding their journey for political purposes, which explains why Trump felt compelled to crack down on illegal immigration in order to deter them and any copycat caravans from crossing the border. Not only will they be met by the military and detained in “tent cities”, but he also wants to change the law via an Executive Order to remove the controversial concept of “birthright citizenship” that some non-citizens abuse through so-called “anchor babies” and the “chain migration” that follows.

US troops
Soldiers from the 541st Sapper Company headed to the southern U.S. border prepare to board an air transport plane on Tuesday in Ft. Knox, Ky.

Trump therefore more than likely isn’t going to invade Mexico, but is rather strengthening America’s border defenses to prevent it from being invaded through Mexico by “Weapons of Mass Migration”. All of his moves align with furthering this objective, be it militarizing the border, building “tent cities”, expediting asylum claims, and doing whatever he can to get rid of the Constitution’s “anchor baby” interpretation that has hitherto been abused. Taken altogether, Trump’s policy towards illegal immigration is intended to serve as a powerful deterrent that contributes to curtailing these large-scale human flows even before his celebrated border wall is completed. In the off chance that some of the alleged gang members and other provocateurs in the caravan clash with the Border Patrol, then there should be no doubt that the US will respond accordingly, but it’s highly unlikely that any incursions will be made into Mexican territory.

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