Schadenfreude Aside, Does Jack Dorsey Deserve His Social Media Lynching?

There’s growing outrage over Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey’s recent vacation to Myanmar.

The internet lashed out at him, ironically on his own platform, for supposedly supporting so-called “genocide” against the “Rohingya” by deciding to travel to Myanmar, whose government is responsible for contributing to the conditions whereby over half a million of these border-residing people were pushed into Bangladesh during a massive anti-terrorist operation last year. Social media lynch mobs jumped on Dorsey for daring to portray the country in a positive light after he tweeted about what a peaceful time he had there meditating with some of its world-famous Buddhist communities, proverbially foaming from the mouth with rage because of what they believe to be his unforgivable “betrayal”.

American celebrities and especially Big Tech representatives are expected to be 24/7 “activist leaders” marching in lockstep with whatever “cause” the “NPC” masses are programmed to follow, which in thiscase is the so-called “genocide” against the “Rohingya” that Western Mainstream Media outlets allege was inadvertently facilitated by Twitter’s platform, hence why Dorsey was derided for the “sin” of vacationing in Myanmar. For as self-righteous as they purport to be, the immoral mistake that the outraged masses are making is that they’re drawing a false equivalency between a private apolitical vacation among the civilian population of any given country and a supposed political endorsement of that same state’s military leadership.

While some people are mindlessly triggered by the most inane things and easily go along with the flow after getting swept up in the tidal wave of emotion that viral lynch mobs can create, others are attacking Dorsey for more nefarious reasons because they want to manipulate the crowd into pressuring him for political purposes. Those folks are the most“politically minded” of the group and want to punish him for violating the“sacred vow” that he as a celebrity and Big Tech leader was supposed to have abided by for the rest of his life in never doing anything that could even remotely be interpreted as deviating from the “NPC’s” dogma, which is what he did by vacationing in Myanmar.

Twitter chief Jack Dorsey

That said, it’s certain that many observers are experiencing a degree of schadenfreude after seeing none other than Jack Dorsey himself being trolled, chastised, and bullied by the same hyper-liberal social media lynch mobs that he and his platform not only created, but also are alleged to openly favor by tacitly endorsing their activities whenever they’redirected against conservatives but not vice-versa. Twitter’s co-founder can’t exactly go on a massive blocking spree like he would probably love to do if it was conservatives carrying out this pressure campaign because these are “his own” and it would be too blatant of a form of censorship with an unacceptable risk of blowback if he did.

Caught between a rock and a hard place, Dorsey’s finally getting a taste of his own medicine, but does he really deserve it?

The post presented is the partial transcript of the CONTEXT COUNTDOWN radio program on Sputnik News, aired on Friday Dec 14, 2018:

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      Karma is a screaming bitch.

    2. In 20 years you’ll probably have some books from ex-CIA spooks about how they funded the rebel groups to spew out genocide propaganda just like the “genocide” in Tibet.

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