Slowly But Surely, Trump Is Sliding Into The North Korean Trap

I agree with the many analyses on the Trump-Kim meeting. Their conclusions, however are too tentative and wishful.

Let us be frank. Kim is a sharp cookie and Trump is a wheeler-dealer. Kim knows Trump’s propensity to renege on his decisions i.e. The Paris Accord on Climate Change, The Mexican Border Wall, The Iran Nuclear deal, to name just a few. Kim will extract all he can get from his Summit Meeting with Trump – a complete lifting of economic sanctions and no US troops in South Korea. He will dilly-dally on the question of denuclearization and will continue to make vague promises of a willingness to establish a time table in due course. Kim is fully aware of the the need to maintain nuclear deterrence  against the US and its allies, at least during the Trump presidency, and will never compromise on this position.

Trump-Kim summitThe Summit will consequently prove to be a failure for Trump and he can forget about the Nobel Peace Prize. If he wants this Prize so badly, he had better strive for peace in countries ridden by war and humanitarian disasters instead of exacerbating their suffering through unwanted and unwarranted  interference in their affairs. Or, for that matter, looking benignly aside in the horrendous Kasshogi Murder case in Saudi Arabia or the Uigur internment in China, or the ethnic cleansing of Rohingias in Myanmar.

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  1. Barbara Rosin

    You’re certainly right , in my opinion. When you consider how basically uninterested Trump is – in every one of the issues you mentioned , and the fact that he is always unprepared ….not doing any serious homework and real focussed thinking ,…. we are in a frightening situation , world wide.

  2. Ron Chandler

    There Is NO Uighur ‘internment’ in China — that’s a Western intel beat-up, the Rohingya issue is a Saudi-CIA false flag provocation, and I can’t get worked up about a Saudi spy who has propagandised for the destruction of the Syrian Arab Republic, getting done in by his fellow apes.

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