No Reds Under Our Beds After All

Not since the witchcraft hysteria of the Middle Ages have we seen such a display of human idiocy, credulity and absurdist behavior. I refer, of course, to the two-year witch hunt directed against President Donald Trump which hopefully just concluded last week – provided that the Hillaryites, Democratic dopes and secret staters who fueled this mania don’t manage to keep the pot boiling.

This column has said from Day 1 that claims Trump was somehow a Russian agent were absurd in the extreme. So too charges that Moscow had somehow rigged US elections. Nonsense. We know it’s the US that helps rig elections around the globe, not those bumbling Russians who can’t afford the big bribes such nefarious activity requires.

What Mueller found after he turned over the big rock was a bevy of slithering, slimy creatures, shyster lawyers, and sleazes that are normally part of New York’s land development industry. No surprise at all that they surrounded developer Trump. Son-in-law Jared Kushner hails from this same milieu. The Kushners are pajama-party buddies with Israel’s leader, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Now that the Mueller investigation found no collusion between the Trump camp and the Kremlin, we Americans owe a great big apology to Vladimir Putin for all the slander he has suffered. Too bad he can’t sue the legions of liars and propagandists who heaped abuse on him and, incidentally, pushed the US and Russia to the edge of war.

Mueller investigation
The special counsel Robert Mueller

People who swallowed these absurdist claims really should question their own grasp of reality. Those who believed that the evil Kremlin was manipulating votes in Alabama or Missouri would make good candidates for Scientology or the John Birch Society.

They were the simple fools. Worse, were the propagandists who promoted the disgusting Steele dossier, a farrago of lies concocted by British intelligence and apparently promoted by the late John McCain and Trump-hating TV networks. One senses Hillary Clinton’s hand in all this. Hell indeed hath no fury like a woman scorned.

It’s so laughably ironic that while the witch hunt sought a non-existent Kremlin master manipulator, the real foreign string-puller was sitting in the White House Oval office chortling away: Israel’s prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu and, behind him, the moneybags patron of Trump and Netanyahu, American billionaire gambling mogul, Sheldon Adelson, the godfather of Greater Israel.

The three amigos had just pulled off one of the most outrageous violations of international law by blessing Israel’s annexation of the highly strategic Golan Heights that Israel had seized in the 1973 Arab-Israeli War. This usurpation was so egregious that all 14 members of the UN Security Council condemned it. Even usually wimpy Canada blasted the US.

Giving Golan to Israel means it has permanently secured new water sources from the Mount Hermon range, artillery and electronic intelligence positions overlooking Damascus, and the launching pad for new Israeli land expansion into Lebanon and Syria. Israel is said to be preparing for a new war against Lebanon, Syria and Gaza.

President Trump
President Trump signs a proclamation at the White House on Monday officially recognizing Israel’s sovereignty over the Golan Heights, with Israeli Prime Minister (center-right) among the officials looking on.

In contrast to this cynical business over Golan, the Trump administration is still hitting Russia with heavy sanctions over Moscow’s re-occupation of Crimea, a strategic peninsula that was Russian for over 300 years. So Israel can grab Golan but Russia must vacate Crimea. The logic of sleazy politics.

We also learned last week that according to State Secretary Mike Pompeo, Trump might have been sent by us by God, like ancient Israel’s Queen Esther, to defend Israel from the wicked Persians. Up to a quarter of Americans, and particularly Bible Belt voters, believe such crazy nonsense. For them, Trump is a heroic Crusading Christian warrior.

This is as nutty as Trump being a Commie Manchurian candidate. We seem to be living in an era of absurdity and medieval superstition. No wonder so many nations around the globe fear us. We too often look like militant Scientologists with nuclear weapons.

Fortunately, the cool, calm, collected Vladimir Putin remains in charge of the other side in spite of our best efforts to overthrow or provoke him.

Source: the author’s blog

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    1. The JBS often gets a bad rap. Sure, they are sometimes nutty, like when they idealize Ron Paul and Murray Rothbard. But they have some good points, like “Get the US out of the UN”; and raised an alarm over fluoridation of drinking water. And, Eisenhower did withhold gas supplies from Gen. Patton, enabling Stalin to place the Iron Curtain considerably westward.

      Precisely because Golan Heights are so strategic, Israel should control control those they now control. Otherwise, Tel Aviv could again be shelled from Syrian territory. Syria is several times the territory of Israel, this gives Assad strategic depth, which he would deny to Israel. Syria has never recognized Israel, while Israel recognizes Syria. Assad does not reciprocate. He attacked Israel and now wants to regain through sympathy and politics, what he lost by stupidity and aggression.

      Assad hasn’t been able to control his own territory. He had to be propped up by Hezbollah, Iran, Russia, and the US–the parties who “interfered” or intervened in the dispute over who would control Syria. If Israel gave up their Golan Heights, Russian-Israelis would be imperiled from Golan by Iran.

      Assad isn’t so bad, he is far better than, say Islamic State (Daesh). But his alliance with Shia terrorists is more than an alliance of convenience (like how the US allied with Stalin to defeat the greater threat posed by Hitler). He defines “terrorism” through a religious lens, that blinds him to the commonalities between all forms of terrorism. Assad should remain in power for the foreseeable future, but needs to be taught that natural justice rules universally, across sectarian divisions. Hopefully he will evict Iran from Syria, and de-fund and de-supply Hezbollah.

      Hillary outspent Trump by 2:1 ratio. Yet you focus selectively on Trump’s funding from one Jew, while looking away from Hillary’s much greater funding from the general population of Jews in America, Russian funding of the Clinton Foundation and Bill Clinton, and political funding from Soros. I’m shocked, shocked, that those whose fortunes depend on government favors or protection or forbearance, would seek to influence government by funding. Your “usual suspects” list is incomplete.

    2. The Democrats on the Left are Fabian Socialist, Not the Socalist of Old.
      The Republicans are Swiss Colony Goose-Steppers.

      Robert S. Mueller III, has a track record with Bush Sr,….Squelching Operation Green Quest….etc.
      Bush Sr…..real name George H, Scherff Jr,

      Ukrainian Nazi Faction did the Hacking not Russian per se.
      Though Putin takes his marching orders from Switzerland, Just like Trump and Kim etc.

      Voting Machines owned by IG Farben proxies….Sandoz etc.

      Much can be said but the Public will only get a dog and pony show.

      It should read… Trump behind Bars, not Barr.

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