Much As I Hate To Say It

Even before he became President, and since then, Mr Donald Trump  has unwittingly or wantonly committed acts tantamount to genocide. The list is endless:-unwarranted continued intervention in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Venezuela and now Iran. He is counting on his unholy alliances with the Saudi monarchy and Israel, and now wooing West European allies to do his nefarious bidding. Hundreds of thousands of lives have been lost, millions of people displaced and thoroughly impoverished or dying due to lack of food and medicine. If this is not genocide, what is it?

As if this is not enough, he has imposed huge economic sanctions  to force slavish compliance by targeted states and their traditional allies.

There are yet more serious concerns the Trump Presidency has ovulated: the trade war with China, the virtually impossible attempt to denuclearize North Korea, a failed immigration policy and a withdrawal from the all-important Paris Accord on Climate Change. Collectively, the represent  decisions no  sitting US president would make. That the dignity of this office can be so severely marred is no laughing matter.

Much As I Hate To Say ItMr Trump considers himself a connoisseur of the art of deal-making, even if it means browbeating, threatening or being vile. The hallmark of true diplomacy is the skill of managing international relations with dignity, politeness sensitivity, reaching agreements by understanding the other’s needs and preoccupations. Instead, Mr Trump’s style is one of bravado and bluster.

Today we are in World War !!! Creep. That is how the Second World War started, unbeknownst to many. The theatre this time around will the Middle East. There will be no victors, no vanquished. Only the innocent civilians-children the old and infirm-will bear the brunt. Mr Trump can shape or reshape this world of “Fire and Fury”. What does he want his legacy to be?

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  1. I would rather say, this is ACT IV of a unique WORLD WAR : 1) 1914-1918 ; 2) 1939-1945 ; 3) 1945-1991 ; 4) 2001-TODAY.
    But with a new fact today : the falling of the American Empire and the rise of the Euro-Asian continent.

    We were told for decades that the Anglo-American “saved” the “free world” in both World Wars. Such “Victor’s History” is no more reliable today. They certainly were not so “innocents”. If it was so, after 1991 and the fall of the Soviet Union, peace should have developped. Quite the contrary happened.

    Clearly, today, the worse can always happen. But let’s hope the unification of the Euro-Asian continent will help bring a better balance in international affairs and diplomacy. This is possible.

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