Mass Killings Of Serbs For Organs Didn’t Start In Kosovo

Contrary to the popular belief, the bloodiest trade in history when organs were taken away from captured and imprisoned Kosovo Serbs, did not begin in Kosovo. As reported by the Serbian media in the process conducted by EULEX mission in Kosovo, ” one of the accused confessed about participating in human organ sale”.

Driton Jiljta  pleaded guilty to the indictment charging him with “abuse of authority and illegal medical activity.” This case is apart of the larger process and the prosecution has charged seven Albanians and two foreigners for trafficking, organized crime and transplantation described as  “illegal medical activity”  in the Medicus hospital in Pristina. According to the indictment, the hospital in 2008. only performed 30 illegal kidney transplants while poor people from Turkey, Russia, Moldova and Kazakhstan reportedly came to the clinic guided by false promise that they will be paid 15,000 euros  for their organs.

Misdirected trial

However, the trial has no serious significance, and its aim is that through the judicial processes controlled by the U.S. and EU convince public that there’s some significant work ongoing in the investigation of human organ trafficking. That’s what media and global officials say. But what really happened? The trials initiated after a report by Dick Marty, higher UN official, Washington and Brussels deliberately misdirected, in order to protect the powerful organizers of human organ trafficking and their profitable industry – the industry of death.

At the beginning Jiljta pleaded not guilty for human organ trafficking, but for abuse of practice and illegal medical practice. Illegal removal of organs called “organ harvesting” is defined as a criminal activity when it’s committed to human trafficking. For this monstrous crimes, according to the EULEX ” Provisional Criminal Code” is punishable by 2 to 12 years in prison only. On the other hand, EULEX is like the ICTY hostile to Serbs – imposing draconian penalties, so there’s no surprise that their judges sentenced Zoran Kolic to 14 years in prison for war crimes, although he proved that he was not even present in the area at the time the alleged crime was committed.

In addition, according to the indictment, the case of human organ trafficking in Kosovo is reduced to a single activity, committed on “poor desperate people from different countries, in need for money, who came to sell their kidneys to private hospital “Medicus ” in Priština.”

How could a well-organized activity performed by the so-called Kosovo Liberation Army on thousands of kidnapped and (still) missing Serbs, regardless of age or sex suddenly be reduced into a simple criminal act?

French FM Bernard Kouchner has laughed and referred to a VOA reporter in Kosovo as “insane”, when asked to comment on the Kosovo human organ trafficking case.
According to a KIM Radio report from the Serb enclave of Gračanica today, journalist Budimir Ničić asked the French minister about his acknowledge and position regarding the human organ trafficking allegations.

When Ničić posed his question, Kouchner reportedly “laughed”, and said: “But you are sick, aren’t you? You are insane, don’t be saying nonsense like that”.
Kouchner then went on to say that he “cannot believe that someone was asking such a nonsensical question”.

“What’s the yellow house? Why yellow? Sir, you should consult (a psychiatrist doctor). There was no yellow house, there was no organ trade. People who talk about things like that are bums and murderers,” the radio quoted the top French diplomat as saying. (notice: the people who TALK about that are bums and murderers, not those who DID so. ). Kouchner, who was UN administrator in Kosovo from 1999 until 2001.

The  EULEX prosecutors charged only an insignificant figure in order to protect the real organizers of this monstrous crime.

Of course, the U.S. and its satellites since the publication of Dick Marty’s report, (UN)  sought to keep the investigation of the human organ trafficking away from the UN. In order to fully control the investigation and court proceedings, the United States, Britain, France and Germany opposed the proposal and forced Serbia to accept the investigation conducted solely by EULEX.

Who is on side of Serbia?

On the side of Serbia in the United Nations  are Russia , China , Gabon and South Africa ; these states assessed that the Security Council should establish an international investigative body;  but  after pressure USA made the proposal to the UN did not pass, and soon Washington appointed their   man as head of the EULEX team for investigating – Clint Williamson .  ON the other hand, EULEX  named a Special Prosecutor  Briton Jonathan Ratel. And Washington and London closed their circuit within EULEX , as they did earlier in The Hague so that even  Florence Hartmann writes that their intelligence fully controls the prosecutorial strategy, charges and sentences.

Camp Bondsteel

From the very beginning of organ trafficking crime discovery, the USA and UK sought to overturn Dick Marty’s report which indicated that their puppet Hashim Thaci, head of the mafia in Kosovo, and “Kosovo” PM  has been involved in the trafficking of human organs. However, traces of the monstrous human organ business go back, far beyond the Dick Marty’s report, to the scariest and darkest discovery in the history of Wars:

These crimes didn’t start in Kosovo but in all the territories of the SFRY where NATO interfered and intervened in armed conflict vs. Serbian people.

It started in the Republic of Serbian Krajina (RSK)

The bloody industry of death began in the RSK (Serbian territories in Lika, Banija, Kordun, Slavonia after 1995 illegally occupied by Croatia) where the organs of captured and imprisoned Serbs were extracted for the rich in the West and Petrol-monarchy (i.e. Saudi Arabia). There was a hospital in Vukovar led by Dr Vesna Bosanac (between 30 July and 19 November 1991). That ’s where, for the first time,  took place serious abuses of medical ethics and international humanitarian law – the refusal to provide adequate medical assistance to wounded civilians of Serbian nationality (some of who were children), and sending Serb civilians to physical liquidation. Among the most serious crimes committed in Vukovar hospital was the forcible take of blood from Serbs civilians, until the last drop, and literally.   For this purpose, Serbs living in Vukovar were forcibly brought to the hospital by members of the Croatian National Guard.

Then the crime continued in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  During 1996. Xavier Bernard Gaultier who was a  Le Figaro journalist and expert for  Balkans was found hanged in his apartment in Spain. Spanish authorities had no doubt about the cause of death, thinking that it was a suicide. However, the circumstances were more than strange. He was found with hands bound. On the wall of the house  was written ” traitor ” and ” Red Devil ,”  – that was the nickname of Robert de la Fave, an Italian mercenary who fought in Bosnia and Herzegovina for Croats, and  revealed to Gaultier plenty of  details concerning the arm shipments from Austria and  – organ  shipment transportation to Italy. One French journalist the press that Gaultier investigated and wrote an article about issues extremely risky for his life. ” It was about war criminals from former Yugoslavia, but also VIP Italians” There was certain information that thousands of Sarajevo Serbs (majority still missing ?!) had the same faith and that their organs were sold from USA, Germany and Scandinavia to Qatar.

Two million from one body

Although EULEX prosecutors talk primarily about the kidney removals where donors remain alive and get paid av. 10 000eu, there is a lack of information concerning what ’s well known in the industry of death:  Viz, only one body can realize revenue of as much as two million euro. Xavier Gaultier wrote about the organ reapers always ensure that their victims do not lose ” a single drop of blood ” so the rippers would use the overall body in its totality for sale.

That’s the reason the organ harvesters follow the world’s war spots, –  they generate enormous revenues. This gruesome fact unveils the most horrendous, yet hidden crimes in the former Yugoslavia – a crime committees against the Serbian people, men, women and children; The crime the world covers up before our very eyes.

In addition to Dick Marty and Gerard Gallucci (former head of UNMIK in northern Kosovo), came out with claims that the U.S., UK, Germany, France and Italy have been informed about human organs trafficking as well as the “black surgery”  the kidnapped Serbs in Kosovo were exposed to.  ” Regardless of whether we know or not what happened, the great ‘ Quint ‘  (the above-mentioned states) certainly knew. They have the information, resources and a long history of cooperation with KLA.  “No matter what the truth about organ trafficking is, the involvement of some top world leaders is certain and confirmed in this international crime and corruption, “says Gallucci. In 2011. Gallucci predicted that  “Kosovo PM” Thaci will remain PM,  regardless what  Dick Marty’s report says because he’s protected by the United States and other Western powers.

It was Camp Bondsteel, not Medicus hospital.  In this sense, the right place to explore the crimes of human organ trafficking of kidnapped Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija is the U.S. military base, Camp Bondsteel, not “Medicus “. 

Yet  in 2008  the silent information according to which the whole shipments of the harvested organs belonging to abducted and kidnapped Serbs have been  carried out in special NATO-run hospitals leaked; meanwhile there have been between 6 and 14 flights per day carrying fresh human organs to the West; part of the Serbian organs finished in the Royal Hospital of London. According to the allegations and evidence, the former French minister and head of the NGO Doctors Without Borders, Bernard Kouchner is also heavily involved in this crime.

Since the Serbian authorities  were surprisingly reluctant  to Dick Marty’s report and  unwilling to expose any aggravating evidence that could endanger and threaten those who brought them to power (after CIA organized  insurgency on October 5, 2000)  it is not surprising that Russia, after the initiation of the investigation on the Council of Europe and the UN,   launched another one on her own . It is also clear why the Moscow was attacked by EULEX Prosecutor Ratel –  Moscow remains, perhaps, the only hope to fully elucidate farcical investigation organized by Washington and Brussels in Kosovo, and that,  one day, these the most monstrous crimes ever will be fully exposed.

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