Jacques Hogard: British SAS And Americans Were Attacking Serbs

Jacques Hogard was one of the first Western officers who entered the territory of Serbia after the signing of the Kumanovo Agreement in 1999, and there he saw that the information he was given by NATO command does not correspond to the truth.

He realized that there was no humanitarian war, but on the contrary –  as a field officer he saw that KLA terrorists were constantly under control of German and British military services, even when attacking Serbian churches, monasteries and refugee columns just after the end of the NATO bombing.

This is why his unit on several occasions got into armed conflict vs. both KLA and Brits who were often seen with KLA units.

One decade and a half later, Colonel Hogard, who recently published a book “Europe died in Pristina”, spoke about details of the war in Kosovo.

“The Brits had the closest contacts with the KLA. Soldiers of the 20th SAS Regiment were actually engaged with KLA, they provided them with logistics and trained them. This is what I personally discovered  on the field,” said Jacques Hoggard.”

Jacques Hogard

“When members of KLA ambushed a retreating convoy of Serbian refugees, – and the attack was carried out with the support of the British – I called a Serbian Brigade in retreat, led by Colonel Serkovic, to return and stop Albanian aggressors, which they did.”

When Serbian civilians ran from Pec, they were attacked by Albanian terrorists. I took a helicopter and dispelled them with gunfire from the air. Several minutes after the action was over, I got a call from British general Mason, who asked how come, and could it be possible that the fire was opened against his people. I replied: ’I cannot understand that your spec. Units sided with bandits who shoot civilians’.

”Mason was quiet,” said Hogard.

Colonel Jacques Hogard will be remembered as the officer that draw demarcation line on Ibar in Mitrovica, which would later become the border of northern Kosovo.

– When we arrived in Kosovska Mitrovica, there was a high risk of conflict. The tensions were strong, and the situation urgent. My task was to separate the opposing sides and the division on the river Ibar seemed like the best solution. I decided to separate the two communities on the bridge.

I did it all by myself.  Sometimes some things are much easier to achieve than you think.

How did the KLA act?

– They took the property, ethnically cleansing and emptying entire towns for one night, as happened n Vucitrn. They were killing, individually and en masse. I hope that soon their leaders will face  justice.”

Once we found a list of Serbs for execution. There were the names of some Albanians disloyal to the KLA. We submitted these documents to our superiors, but that was all – we’ve never heard anything about the issue anymore.

The fact that the KLA was a privileged interlocutor of the EU, represents a distortion of history,  violation of international law and retrogradation of the civilized world.

Church Samodreza
The Orthodox church Samodreza, Vucitrn, dedicated to the Beheading of St. John the Baptist, known for the communion of Prince Lazar army before the Battle of Kosovo (1389), has been desecrated and destroyed. It serves as a garbage dump for years.

– The United States had the interest to weaken and break up Yugoslavia and Serbia since Serbia is natural support for Russia in the region. Destruction of Yugoslavia was a step closer to Russia.  The consequence we see today in Ukraine.

Also, the Germans had a traditional interest in the destruction of Serbia as well.

There are other strategic reasons in a very important region such as the Balkans, and the political motives for thrusting the European Union by creating microstates on European soil.  After all, there were personal lucrative interests included. Madeleine Albright and Wesley Clark are now shareholders of large enterprises in Kosovo, as far as I know.

I am very concerned about the situation in the world. We always think that there will be no war, but it turns out that the previous one was not the last … Bosnia and Kosovo were an accurate picture of what will happen later, with the same mode of action, and the same protagonists, but in a different place(s).

As for Kosovo, It will never be a self-sufficient, sovereign, independent state.  There are two possible solutions: it will return to Serbia or join the “Greater Albania” – the one that was seen on the map during a recent football match in Belgrade.

But such Albania would be ephemeral (it will last for a short time). Regardless of any daily politics, Serbs will never reconcile with the permanent loss of their historical, cultural and spiritual cradle. If you have somewhere the majority of the population that doesn’t mean that this becomes your nation-state.

The whole history of Kosovo and Metohija is carved in stone. It would be as if Saint-Denis, with a necropolis of French kings, became independent because of the large number of Muslims who live there and because some decided to bomb us in their behalf.

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  1. It seems that multiple Russian media sources are pushing this item at the moment.
    What is the next part of this?

    Jacques Hogard, was one of about twenty questioned about his part in the slaughter of TUTU’s in Africa.

  2. Has Hogard ever been charged with anything, or did you throw that bit in solely in your attempt to discredit him?

  3. Why you dont speak about massive graves in Kosovo and Serbian genocide to wipe out all Kosovo albanian from their land.
    We are speaking for about hundred thousand civilian victims coused bye serbs and not for some sporadic crimes done by KLA. Hey general you should see a doctor. Your mind is infected by viruses..

  4. To Vaska..

    Jacques Hogard is part of Octogone, so he is part of the War Machine…inorder to make needed changes for the NWO.

    The French Foreign Legion was created and ran by Switzerland for King Philip.
    Today the French Military is Merged with Germany.

    So sometimes charges are not made because the System is corrupt.

    I.m not saying anything one way or another.

    If your interest is peaked….do some investigating.

  5. Veroljub Gajić

    A hundred thousan, hundreds ? They have lost as muchas they killed after the retreat of Serbian army from KiM. That is their way. Eye for eye. Sporadic crimes of KLA? Now you are infected by hatred. And a liar.

  6. “The fact that the KLA was a privileged interlocutor of the EU, represents a distortion of history, violation of international law and retrogradation of the civilized world.”
    This sentence sums it all up. Looks like Jacques’s book “Europe died in Pristina” is a must for anyone interested in learning about the truth.

  7. John Kapson

    Well the man say’s it all ,truth and nothing less,whole world know that albanians are terrorists and they been supported by Brits and Germans secret service,armed by them and Croatia’s ,Turkey

  8. Blackeyes

    As I can remember Croatia was the Head for EU, Germany, NATO to start a planned war in Yugoslavia against the Serbian people and to annulate Yugoslavia. This was the plan of US, NATO, EU with Germany up front with Mr. Fischer (The Greens).
    They started a kind of “all Serbs cleansing” in Croatia overnight. With troops and tanks and they chased the Serbs, living peacefully in Croatia, across the border into Serbia. And confisated everything Serb in Croatia.
    That was the start of the Misery for the People of Serbia.

    Croatia has been a big friend and usefull hand for the NAZIs in the run up to and during WWII. Croatia is a “Christian” nation.

    Serbia is an “Eastern Orthodox” nation.

  9. Blackeyes

    Serbia was fighting a formidable guerilla war supported by the former USSR against the NAZIs during WWII on the Balkans.

    WWII is still going on then fiftyfour nations have not signed the Peace Treaty with Germany, yet.

    The current German situation is the status since 1934 during Mr Hitler’s Government.
    I presume Germany is still a colony.

  10. To John Kapson
    A question for you. Where are you from. I don’t think you are from UK. I never heard that Albanians are terrorist? I heard they are other things but not terrorist Serbs on the other side they still behave like the terrorist in the Balkan not only under the Milosevic but through out the 19th and 20th century.
    They created a fake history of their nation on the someone else land history and religion. They behave like the Russia’s gun on the Balkan and they never acknowledge the killing and massacres they inflicted on the other nations.
    Who is a terrorist?????????????
    Can you kindly answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. mm Vladislav B. SOTIROVIC

    To Enzo

    Albanians are historically terrorists, bandits, gangsters and barbarians terrorizing and killing Serbs for the last 300 years when they occupied Kosovo from Albania. KLA/UCK was and is typical terrorist organization like Hezbolah or Hammas commiting terrible crimes in Kosovo and selling Serbian organs worldwide (the organs are taken from alive Serbian civilians in Yellow House in North Albania).

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