Who Was Really Behind 9/11

A large number of Americans still don’t believe the official version of the 9/11 attacks on New York and Washington. I am one of them.

The government and tame media version – that crazed Muslims directed by Osama bin Laden attacked New York’s twin towers and the Pentagon because they hated ‘our freedoms’ and our religions – is wearing very thin as contrary evidence piles up.

Ever since the attacks, I’ve held the belief that neither bin Laden nor Afghanistan’s Taliban were involved, though bin Laden did applaud the attacks after the fact and remains a key suspect. Unfortunately, he was murdered by a US hit squad instead of being brought to the US to stand trial. Mullah Omar, the Taliban leader, was adamant that bin Laden was not behind the attacks.

So who did it? In my view, the attacks were financed by private citizens in Saudi Arabia and organized from Germany and possibly Spain. All the hijackers came from states nominally allied to the US or its protectorates.

Fifteen of the 19 were Saudis. Two came from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and one each from Egypt and Lebanon. Amazingly, during the national uproar after the attacks, little attention was focused on Saudi Arabia, a key US ally (or protectorate) even though most of the hijackers were Saudi citizens, and a planeload of important Saudis were quietly ushered out of the US by the CIA soon after the attacks.

Saudi Arabia was too important to US domination of the Mideast to point any fingers at the Saudis. The Saudi royal regime in Riyadh did not appear to have been involved – why would it since their survival and gravy train depended on US protection?

But the royal regime does not represent all Saudis, as many people believe. Saudi Arabia is a collection of tribes played off against one another by Riyadh and kept in line by the US Air Force from its bases in Saudi and a tribal force, ‘the white army,’ led by American ‘advisors.’ Saudi Arabia has little in the way of a regular army because its rulers fear coups by the armed forces such as occurred in Egypt, Iraq and Syria.

In addition, over 40,000 Americans live and work in Saudi. Another 5,000 US military personnel are stationed there. Much of the kingdom’s technology – banking, telecommunications, airports and flights, trains, military affairs, TV and radio – are supervised by foreigners. This process began in the 1920’s when the British moved into Arabia and helped promote the Saudi tribe to prominence.

9/11 memorial
The 9/11 Memorial in New York, U.S

A sizeable Yemeni community lives in Saudi. The bin Laden family originally hailed from Yemen. Saudi also has an important Shia Muslim minority, about 20% of the population, with smaller numbers of other Muslim sects. Most important, the reactionary, ultra rigid Wahabi religious sect still dominates the nation and royal family. The Wahabis hate Shia, calling them apostates and heretics. A similar dim view is taken of the nine million foreign workers, principally Indians, Pakistanis and other South Asians, who do all of the Kingdom’s dirty work.

Within the complexities of Saudi Society lie bitterly anti-western groups who see the nation as being militarily occupied by the US and exploited – even pillaged – by foreigners. Arabia was originally the holy land of Islam. Today, it has been westernized, occupied by US military power, and given marching orders by Washington.

While covering the Afghan War in the 1980’s, I met Sheikh Abdullah Azzam, a fiery nationalist leader and anti-communist who was bin Laden’s teacher and spiritual mentor.

“When we succeed in kicking the Russians out of Afghanistan,” Azzam told me, “we will go on and kick the Americans out of Saudi Arabia.” I was shocked, never having heard of Americans called ‘occupiers’. Azzam was murdered by a bomb soon after, but his words kept ringing in my ears. He thought of the Americans as much colonialists as the Soviets.

Private nationalist groups in Saudi who bitterly opposed foreign domination of their country could very well have financed and organized 9/11. But, of course, Washington could not admit this. That would have brought into question the US occupation of Saudi.

What’s also pretty clear is that Israel – at minimum – knew the attack was coming yet failed to warn its American ‘allies.’ Israel was the chief beneficiary of the 9/11 attacks – yet its bumbling Arab foes and bin Laden were blamed for this crime.

Source: the author’s blog

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  1. The preponderant view is that 9/11 was planned and executed by the Deep State, so as to have a pretext (a new Pearl Harbour) to wage endless war against Muslim states. Israels Mossad is believed to have played a crucial role in blowing up the Twin Toers and building 7,which was not hit by a plane. The.hyjackers of the planes are believed still to alive. Some Israelis were seen filming the toers when they came down and jubilation giving each other high fives. They were initially arrested but soon after released, returning to Israel. In my Facebook and blog Zcontraviews you will find much information on the subject.

  2. Terrible article.

    “The Saudi royal regime in Riyadh did not appear to have been involved – why would it since their survival and gravy train depended on US protection?”

    The Saudi Ambassador Bandar bin Sultan and his wife were both involved!


  3. US President Donald Trump dismissed another official – National Security Advisor John Bolton. what threatens relations between the US and Russia

    What threatens relations between the US and Russia

  4. The neocons tried to engage Sr. President Bush after Desert Storm ended in sending a special squad to execute Saddam Hussein. He refused and also asked Dick Cheney about the controversial doctrine written by Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle saying both need to see a shrink. Next they failed with President Clinton and to attract his attention had US embassy in Nairobi bombed and had their pickled Al Qaida agents claim the bombing on behest of Bin Laden. President Clinton sends Cruise Missiles to strike Afghanistan and drops 1-2 in Pakistan.Who could be better than GWB who by hook n crook managed to win his second term as Governor of Texas. The neocons began to prepare grounds for his entry into the Oval Office. We all know how GWB got to the White House and so began the ” Never Ending Tales Of Horrors Against Selected Islamic States.”

  5. Eric,

    You start your article off as a reasonable assumption.

    Then you veer off into, a diatribe of confused hate.

    Not a word from you about; World Trade Association…NAZI.

    Saudis are kept in line by Swiss Banking, as all corrupt regimes are.

    Another detail that you left out was…

    P-TEK, a Muslim Brotherhood Company…….was Running all the Threat Assessment Software for the Agencies involved, such as FAA, USAF etc.

    Venice, Florida, Flying Schools run by Dutch and German Nationals,,,,Rudi Dekkers and Arne Kruithof
    Teaching Atta and others. Suadis and Germans flying in and out of USA without papers….drugs and gold going in and out.
    All large plane are built with secret auto-pilot.

    All, All Inteligent Agencies knew of the inside job.

    Maurice Bush (one of the sons), handled the Security and the Insurance, for the Towers.
    Then they dumped it on Silverstein(usual Jew Baiting).

    Reichstagg Fire for the USA.
    Satanic Ritual for WTA.
    Nazis and Muslims working together again.
    Scalar Technology did this work.

    and so forth…..Eric why do you push garbage on the public?

    • Khalid Rahim

      Mr Margolis , I’m sorry for veering off the track. When it happened I was in Toronto, Ont. Before moving to Canada . I lived and worked in Austin Tx. Had the opportunity to meet with late Governor. Anne Richards her granddaughter Lily Adams and my son Kazim went to Matthew Elementary School from 1993 -1998.
      When GWB arrived to contest against Anne Richards I knew he would win by hook or crook. Even though I was not member of any party I tried my best to convince people to reelect Anne Richards. Next day of the incident I dug into my notes and asked myself how did Dick Cheney end up as Vice President. Did Bush sr put him to keep an eye on his prodigal son or Cheney manipulated the slot since he had served with late Herbert Bush. Dick Cheney was among the founding members of Neocon Brotherhood along with Paul Wolfowitz with blessings of Ehud Barak and the other three being Richard Perle, Zalmay Khalilzad and Douglas Feith all met at Rands Organization in beginning of October 1974. Perle and Wolfowitz had the task of creating the NWO constitution and Feith and Khalilzad under guidance of Cheney recruitment of members into the Club.Eric do you expect any US Administration ready to give up Afghanistan as strategic pivot.

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