The Creation Of “Space Force” May Lead Toward Arms Race

The creation of “Space Force” may lead toward Arms Race.

President Donald Trump with the signing of US Dollars 738 Billion Defense budget for the year 2020, has initiated an arms race around the world. The creation of “Space Force” with about 16,000 military and civilian personnel will be assigned to a space force. That includes 2,500 military operators, another 6,200 enlisted personnel and about 3,400 civilians. The mission of the new Space Force is in line with the current US National Defense Strategy, which sees China and Russia as the top adversaries. And while they don’t have actual forces in space, they have satellites and can use space and space-based assets against the United States. The space force will be the first new branch of the U.S. military in more than 60 years. Several current U.S. Air Force bases will eventually be renamed as they host, mainly, Space Force functions. The list includes Peterson Air Force Base, Schriever Air Force Base, Buckley Air Force Base, Patrick Air Force Base, and Vandenberg Air Force Base, among others.

It is well understood that the US enjoyed the unipolar world, a unique superpower for decades and would not like any change in geopolitics. Statuesque suits the US, where its hegemony is maintained around the world. The US exercised its powers and destroyed Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and many other countries in Latin or South America, and other parts of the world, without involving United Nations. The US is in habit of imposing sanctions on other nations and isolating some others at its own will. The US exercising its powers withdrawn its nuclear deal with Iran unilaterally, without any valid reason.

But recently, the US has been facing resistance in Syria from Russia and China. Similar resistance in North Korea exists. In fact, the unique superpower status has been challenged and the US may no longer exercise its powers unchecked. In fact, the world has already emerged as multipolar, which the US has not liked or accepted.

US President Trump signs National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020, Suitland, Usa - 20 Dec 2019
US President Donald J. Trump (C) speaks on stage during the signing ceremony of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2020 inside Hangar Six at Joint Base Andrews in Suitland, Maryland, USA, 20 December 2019.

The US has been exercising coercion, wars, attacks, sanctions to maintain its supremacy. It is also well understood that the increase in the defense budget is a step toward maintaining the US supremacy. Especially the creation of “Space Force” may help the US to maintain its supremacy for some time only. As the rest of the world may also create “Space Force” to counter the US hegemony. It may be the exact same story as “Nuclear Weapons”. The US is the only nation that used nuclear weapons in the history of human beings to maintain its supremacy and developed nuclear weapons, deployed around the world to keep its upper hand initially, then the other nations like Russia and China also developed their weaponry system to counter the US. According to the US internal report, the US may not be able to win over China in the Pacific Ocean and Russia in the Baltic Ocean in the current status of weaponry. The creation of “Space Force” well ahead of other nations may give a certain time to the US to prolong its supremacy.

Any type of weapons are “destruction” of human being, either it is in any part of the world. American weapons may cause damage to the human being in other countries, but after some time, other countries’ weapons may cause harm to Americans. The development of lethal weapons is always threat to humanity.
There exists a strong opposition to “Nuclear Weapons” among the civilized world and even protests against Nuclear Power Plants has been witnessed in some of the developed worlds. Because they know the consequences of “Nuclear disaster”. In a similar manner “Space Force” maybe even more harmful to humans. There should be opposition to such dangerous concepts.

We hope, the US may review its stance on the creation of “Space Force” immediately. And the rest of the world may also observe restrains and may not opt for countering the US created Space Force. Humanity cannot afford any misadventure, we are already suffering a lot. We must struggle to fight against poverty and natural disasters. We must avoid any man-made disasters. We must set our priorities in the best interest of human beings. Global security, stability, prosperity should be our prime objectives.

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