Struggle To Tackle Covid-19

The latest on Covid-19: 192 Countries and Territories around the world have reported a total of 339,036 confirmed cases, a death toll of 14,698 deaths. However, the actual numbers may be much more, as there are few countries that either have no capacity or hiding deliberately. The number of confirmed cases is based on tests, which is rather expensive and some of the countries cannot afford to test every suspect. Even in most developed countries like the US, UK, EU, it is not possible to test every individual.

Pandemic is not new to human beings, the recent outbreaks like SARS, MERS, Ebola, are known to us very well. Few of them were very lethal as the fatality rate was rather high. Although there is no cure, medicine or vaccine for Covid-19, yet, but fortunately the fatality rate is rather low.

China set a benchmark to defeat Covid-19. The life is resuming to ward normal routine almost. China implemented complete lockdown and limited social life. The Chinese government and the public were on the same page and work closely to defeat the outbreak. While the rest of the world was bashing China, blaming China and passing derogatory remarks, but China did not pay any attention and focused on only to wing against Covid-19. Finally, they achieved their goal and now China is helping other countries.

The major hurdle in most of the countries is; lack of awareness, lack of seriousness, and politicization. Developing nations and underdeveloped countries are facing financial constraints and cannot afford the expensive tests, expensive health care and consequences of complete lockdown. The developed countries and advanced nations, may not face financial constraints, but personal freedom, human rights, and casual attitudes are major hurdles.

The fatality rate varies from country to country, between 2 to 9 percent. Depending upon the economic situation, general public health, and health care facilities, cultural, social values and politics. Eastern Cultures and Western Cultures having their own merits and demerits, also have a big impact on the fatality rate.

It is a new virus, and still under study and research. Scientism is struggling to formulate medicines and develop vaccines. Any country, who can make this breakthrough may serve humanity to save precious lives as well as may gain huge economic benefits. Every country is in this race and working in isolation to reach the destination before others. I believe collective efforts, collaboration among leading scientists may prove helpful.

Although at this moment the worst case in Italy, but few other countries like Iran, France, Spain, UK, and the US are also vulnerable. If appropriate measures are not taken immediately, I am afraid, no one will be safe in any country. The virus does not differentiate between rich or poor, ethnicity, race, and religion. We must confront this challenge collectively, without any discrimination. Developed and advanced countries may play a bigger role to rescue precious lives around the world. We must forget politics and differences, but respect humanity only.

As a proven experience in China, we may use Chinese practices as guidelines. Fortunately, China is willing to share its experience and already helping Italy, Iran, Pakistan, Spain, and many other countries. China is providing medical equipment like Ventilators, Masks, Sanitizers, and Testing Kits, etc.

Media should play its due role as panic and fear witnessed in few countries. It is time to be very active, brave and fight with full force & confidence. Panic and fear might impact adversely. The media should project true picture, and facts. Avoid fake news and misinformation, especially on social media. Media may also educate people, create awareness and constructive recommendations.

It is a purely humanitarian issue and must be handled on a purely humanitarian basis.

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