Putin And Trump vs The New World Order: The Final Battle

We live in exciting times.

The unknown that lays ahead for all of us is both exhilarating and scary. Exhilarating in the long term, but rather scary in the short term. All empires eventually die and we’re in the terminal phase of the New World Order that will not recover from the Russian roulette game it has been playing, for Vladimir Putin handed it a loaded gun and it pulled the trigger.

The last few weeks put everything in place for the last battle. There are so many different facts and events, left and right, and I will try to do my best to remain methodical in this complicated expose. Bare with me, I’ve been struggling for three weeks with this article because of the insane amount of additional details that each day provides. It might have been a wrong time to quit smoking, but I enjoy a good challenge.

Dropping dollars

A little context is required. The New World Order concept is simply the wish of a handful of international bankers that want to economically and politically rule the whole planet as one happy family. It started in 1773 and if it went through important changes over the years, but the concept and objective haven’t changed an iota. Unfortunately for them, international banks that have been looting the planet through the US dollar since 1944 are now threatened by hyperinflation, as their printing machine has been rotating for years to cover their absurd spendings to sustain oil and resource wars that they’ve all ultimately lost. In order to prevent this upcoming hyperinflation, they generated a virus attack on four countries (China, Iran, Italy and now the United States) to spread panic in the population, with the precious help of their ignominious medias. Even though this corona virus isn’t different from any new viruses that attack humans every year, the media scare pushed people to voluntarily isolate themselves through fear and terror. Some lost their jobs, companies are going bankrupt, the panic created a stock exchange crash that emptied wallets and dried assets, resulting in a few trillion virtual dollars off the market to release pressure off the currency.

Stock Exchange

So far, so good, but everything else went wrong in this desperate and ultimate banzai. The top virologist on the planet confirmed that chloroquine was being used by the Chinese with spectacular results to cure patients, then he improved his magic potion by adding a pneumonic antibacterial called azythromicin, and saved everyone of his first 1000 cases, but one. Donald Trump immediately imposed the same treatment through a fight against his own Federal Drug Administration, bought and owned by the deep state. This forced all medias to talk about Dr Didier Raoult’s Miracle Elixir, signing the death warrant on our confidence in all Western governments, their medical agencies, the World Health Organization, and medias that were trying to destroy the impeccable doctor’s reputation, while inventing sudden «dangerous side effects» of a nearly inoffensive drug that has been used for 60 years to treat malaria. Not so far away in Germany, internationally praised Dr Wolfgand Wodarg noted that the engineered panic was totally useless, since this virus isn’t any different than the others that affect us every years. This has been an amazing victory for Trump and the general population on social medias, whom exposed together the pathological lies of the official communication channels of every New World Order country. De facto, the credibility’s of these puppet governments have vanished in the air, and from the eye of the storm, Italy will surely exit the EU right after the crisis, which will trigger a domino effect running through every EU countries and NATO members. My friends, globalism is dead and ready for cremation.

Digging the abyss

International bankers couldn’t see it coming in 1991, when they dominated 95% of the planet after the fall of the Soviet Union. It seemed that nothing could halt their ultimate mission to complete their Orwellian dream: destroy a few countries in the Middle East, enlarge Israel, and get the total control over the world oil market, the last piece of their Xanadu puzzle that they’ve been working on for a whole century, starting with the Balfour declaration in 1917.

When Vladimir Putin got charge of Russia, there was no sign that he would do better than the drunk he had replaced. An ex KGB officer seemed like a choice more driven by nostalgia rather than ideology, but Putin had many more assets going for him than first met the eyes: patriotism, humanism, a sense of justice, cunning ruse, a genius economist friend named Sergey Glazyev whom openly despised the New World Order, but above all, he embodied the reincarnation of the long lost Russian ideology of total political and economical independence. After a few years spent at draining the Russian swamp from the oligarchs and mafiosis that his stumbling predecessor had left in his trail of empty bottles, Vlad rolled his sleeves and got to work.

Because his opponents had been looting the planet for 250 years through colonization insured by a military dominance, Vlad knew that he had to start by building an invincible military machine. And he did. He came up with different types of hypersonic missiles that can’t be stopped, the best defensive systems on the planet, the best electronic jamming systems, and the best planes. Then to make sure that a nuclear war wouldn’t be an option, he came up with stuff which nightmares are made of, such as the Sarmat, the Poseidon and the Avangard, all unstoppable and able to destroy any country in a matter of a few hours.

Putin and the military
Russian President Vladimir Putin, center, gestures while speaking during an annual meeting with top military officials in the National Defense Control Center in Moscow, December 24, 2019. Putin said that Russia is the only country in the world that has hypersonic weapons even though its military spending is a fraction of the U.S. military budget. Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, left, and Chief of General Staff of Russia Valery Gerasimov, right, attend the meeting.

With a new and unmatched arsenal, he could proceed to defeat any NATO force or any of its proxies, as he did starting in September 2015 in Syria. He proved to every country that independence from the NWO banking system was now a matter of choice. Putin not only won the Syrian war, but he won the support of many New World Order countries that suddenly switched sides upon realizing how invincible Russia had become. On a diplomatic level, it also got mighty China by its side, and then managed to protect independent oil producers such as Venezuela and Iran, while leaders like Erdogan of Turkey and Muhammad Ben Salman of Saudi Arabia decided to side with Russia, who isn’t holding the best poker hand, but the whole deck of cards.

Ending in the conclusion that Putin now controls the all-mighty oil market, the unavoidable energy resource that lubricates economies and armies, while the banksters’ NATO can only watch, without any means to get it back. With the unbelievable results that Putin has been getting in the last five years, the New World Order suddenly looks like a house of cards about to crumble. The Empire of Banks has been terminally ill for five years, but it’s now on morphine, barely realizing what’s going on.

Tragedy and hope

Since there is no hope in starting WW3 which is lost in advance, the last banzai came out of the bushes in the shape of a virus and the ensuing media creation of a fake pandemic. The main focus was to avoid a catastrophic hyperinflation of the humongous mass of US dollar that no one wants anymore, to have time to implement their virtual world crypto-currency, as if the chronically failing bankers still have any legitimacy to keep controlling our money supplies. It seemed at first that the plan could work. That’s when Vlad took out his revolver to start the Russian roulette game and bankers blew their brains out upon the pressure on the trigger.

He called a meeting with OPEP and killed the price of oil by refusing to lower Russia’s production, taking the barrel to under 30 dollars. Without any afterthought and certainly even less remorse, Vlad killed the costly Western oil production. All the dollars that had been taken out of the market had to be re-injected by the Fed and other central banks to avoid a downslide and the final disaster. By now, our dear bankers are out of solutions.

In the meantime, Trump also poked at the tie-wearing gangsters. While medias avoided the corona-killing chloroquine subject, an old pill designed to cure malaria, Trump imposed to the FDA the use of this life-saving drug on US infected patients. Medias didn’t have any choice but to start talking about it, which ignited a chain reaction: big pharmas CEO’s were fired because they had just lost the vaccine contract, countries like Canada looked like genocidal fools for not using the cheap and inoffensive medication, while a most outrageous criminal act by a government was exposed in full light: the Macron government had proclaimed in January 2020 that chloroquine was harmful and had restrained its use, just a couple of weeks before the burst of the fake pandemic! Russian roulette is a popular game in Western governments these days around.

Russia announced its own corona-killing brew

On Saturday March 28th, Russia announced its own corona-killing brew, based on Dr Raoult’s magic potion. Yet another Cossack blow, this time to the big pharmas jugular vein, while most Western countries now have to implement the good doctor’s treatment, or face the slap of a Russian pill coming to save its citizen. Putin is in the lifesaving business these days: in the last week of March, he sent 15 military planes filled with doctors and supplies directly to North Italy, after an aid plane from China was blocked by the Czech Republic. We’re about to learn that European countries fear that China or Russia finds the truth in the Lombardy region, where people are not dying from some corona bug, but probably from a deadly cocktail hybrid from two earlier vaccines for meningitis and influenza, that they were injected in separate vaccination campaigns.

The punchline

I said earlier that everyday brings amazing news. Well on Sunday March 29th, the most stunning of them all fell like a ton of bricks on social medias: confined onlookers learned that Trump had taken control over the Federal Reserve, that is now handled by two representatives of the Treasury of State. Of all the crazy news within the last month, this is by far the best and most shocking. After three years in power, Trump has finally fulfilled his electoral promise of taking private banks out of the US public affairs, ending a century of exploitation of the American citizens. He has put the infamous Blackrock investment group to start buying important corporations for the Fed, meaning that he’s nationalizing chunks of the economy, while avoiding the crash of the market by implicating important private investors in the deal.

Trump and Powell
President Donald Trump gestures with Jerome Powell, his nominee to become chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve at the White House in Washington, U.S., November 2, 2017

This outmost daring move comes at a crucial point in time, and faces us with the realization that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are united and have taken humanity to the crossroads of the New World Order and freedom. As I have stated often before, I thought that the world would deeply change between 2020 and 2024, because these would be the last 4 years of these two heroes in political power of their nations.

The New World Order is facing the two most powerful countries on the planet, and this fake pandemic changed everything. It showed how desperate the banksters are, and if we don’t want to end up with nuclear warheads flying in both directions, Putin and Trump have to stop them now.

Terminate the BIS, the World Bank, the IMF, the European Central bank, the EU, NATO, now. Our world won’t be perfect, but it might get much better soon.

Easter resurrection is coming. This might get biblical.

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  1. Re: “He has put the infamous Blackrock investment group to start buying important corporations for the Fed, meaning that he’s nationalizing chunks of the economy, while avoiding the crash of the market by implicating important private investors in the deal.”

    Better study up on this. Mnuchin, the US Treas Sec has authority to supervise and make the critical decisions over the money allocated:

    Democrats, Trump set to battle over implementing $2T relief bill


    During last week’s acrimonious Senate negotiations over the relief package, Democrats seized on the GOP proposal to appropriate $500 billion to the Treasury Department to maximize the Fed’s leverage to make loans and loan guarantees, blasting the proposal as a corporate “slush fund.”

    The program was eventually funded with $454 billion after $46 billion was carved out for airlines, air cargo carriers and industries deemed critical to national security — giving Mnuchin broad authority to dole out liquidity as he sees fit.

  2. “Un Grand Merci !”, a ” Very Big Thank ! “

  3. ” on Sunday March 29th, the most stunning of them all fell like a ton of bricks on social medias: confined onlookers learned that Trump had taken control over the Federal Reserve, that is now handled by two representatives of the Treasury of State. ” I dont understand this sentence ? Which representatives of Treasury are now leading the Federal Reserve Bank ? Could somebody enlighten me ? Merci

  4. Patsy McCarthy

    Great work, thank you

  5. Was wondering when you would chime in. Worth the wait…thank you for insightful analysis.

  6. Dana-lee Melfi

    And the 21 million NOT dead but a hidden army to help them? I digress….

  7. constitution61

    The Agents of the ‘Central Banking’ International Financial Crime Syndicate, are behind the 9/11/2001, successful, ‘False Flag ‘Attack and the Weaponized Corona Virus Pandemic, that they unleashed on Mankind! ‘Central Banking’ has for over a century, now, ( since, 1913 the creation of the ‘Creature from Jekyll Island’), has Enslaved the American Taxpayers and the World!

  8. Margaret Blake

    Bravo! Well done my friend. When crucial world events are so skillfully tied together into a readable and digestible format as you have done; your audience becomes both informed and educated. Well done indeed.

  9. Russell Bonner Bentley

    This article is 100% fake news with ZERO corroboration for any of it. It is total bullshit, written by a semi-literate lying retard. Happy April Fool’s Day, motherfucker.

  10. One of the plain English analyses of the NEO (1%, banksters, Rothschilds, Wall Street, the Royalties, Vatican, Freemasons) domination of the world affairs and hegemons by means of arms, oil, big pharma and fiat currency controlled by the Federal Reserve…a must read ABC in Geopolitics….

  11. Surprised that there was no mention of Trumps other chess move in this play. He just filled up every fuel reserve storage tank to the brim, and then some, full of the cheapest oil price in 20 years. That was a genius move

  12. Russian propaganda. Smh.

  13. Interesting report, if trump did take down the fed, we might have a chance, but unfortunately he hasn’t as of yet !

  14. So Mr Bently, 20 authors are just making all this up just for the heck of it. You must be as real of an inbreed redneck as you look. Stop wasting everyones time with your uneducated brainless peasized head! Do your own reaseach and you will see that everything they state is pure facts.

  15. A very good analysis and content. Thanks for good work!

  16. At this time, the more intelligent ones will stick to reading the articles, and skipping the comments. Why bother with those, unless you either can’t think for yourself, or you feel a need for attacking someone?

  17. Actually, the nukes were disarmed in 1990 in 1 day. How the world did that happen?

    Well, if you can drain a radioactive material’s energy to a bigger sink, then you can control a lot of stuff.

  18. Excellent analysis! Thanks for this article! Exciting times we live in… Easter Resurrection.. I look forward to it!

  19. `This outmost daring move comes at a crucial point in time, and faces us with the realization that Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are united and have taken humanity to the crossroads of the New World Order and freedom.’

    I pray to God you’re right. America and Russia now are natural allies, which explains why the `deep state’ in America have worked so hard to drive a steak between these two great nations.

  20. Written by another disinformation agent Q2?

  21. “Unfortunately for them, international banks that have been looting the planet through the US dollar since 1944”

    the fed began in 1914..>?

  22. what ??? comparing this economical shithole with biblical times , dont make me laugh . the worlds gonna see much more when that time will break on.
    Lets say : humans last chanche to care for each other has started , and if the rich wont budge and the powerfull people wont bow down , God starts His war with them……………than the world needs to buckle up instead of this creation of mankind to start wars for their own good.

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  24. A very good analysis and content. Thanks for good work!

  25. Actually, the nukes were disarmed in 1990 in 1 day. How the world did that happen?

  26. This was all predicted 1000’s of years ago. Read Daniel and Revelation…

  27. We need to do what Hitler did with a certain group of people, evict them from all positions of power and take all their money.

  28. Gives hope some good will come out of this insanity. However you make no mention of the 5G meet A1 agenda , pushed by the would be world techno rulers , Gates and co, they are serious players in this world chess game and more forward thinkers than the old banking establishment.

  29. Alberto Medici

    Super clear and super agreable! God bless you!

  30. William Bissell

    You bet… Robert Steele has been saying that Putin-Xi-Trump are working together. And we know Trump and Putin are trying to EXPOSE the Pedo-Adrenochrome-Opioid Shipments and Expose the Hollywierd-Washington-UN-Fed Reserve connections. The Deep State decided to take down the economy on their Heads after the Russia Impeachment Debacle. So we are seeing this vicious fight being waged… Satanic Pedo – Human traffic Rings need to be Burned down and Trump & Putin are just the guys to do so. This Fake ScamDemic Where M. Pompeo called this a “Live Exercise.” and Trump leaned and Said. “I wish you told Us.” Biblical Indeed. Thanks for this Article WOW!!

  31. What a crock of shit. Go tell all those people around the world that are dying that it has been because of a mix of two vaccinations. You are a retard.

  32. Never read as much garbage in all my life,

  33. “And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.”
    Revelation 13:3

  34. Quote:Terminate the BIS, the World Bank, the IMF, the European Central bank, the EU, NATO, now.
    Forgot the bloody UN ???

  35. Pistolen-Paultje

    A hopeful article, but I don’t think it’s that easy.

    The NWO families are powerful in 99% of the countries in the world, while Trump and Putin are only 2 persons. They can be removed relatively “easily”. That is why it is certainly good that Putin has rebuilt bankrupt Russia and sidelined the criminal oligarchs. And Trump has had mainstream media and politicians against him from day 1 and is still standing.

    But do not underestimate the NWO families, they have been playing this game for 250 years and are powerful in many places in society (and in the world). They not only have the power of money (FED, IMF, ECB), but also through arms suppliers / military, technology companies, pharmaceutical companies, water, energy, commodities, food companies, mainstream media, etc. If you have 1 instrument enough other instruments remain. See what happens to society if you remove 1 instrument, then chaos breaks out. No, this control is modern slavery: When you work, you get wages so you can buy food and drinks.

  36. I wish you were virtous enough to mention who was complicit in the 1917 Balfour Declaration (France and especially GB who particioned the Ottoman Empire with the Sykes Picot agreement) and who resisted it (The Turkish People under the command of Atatürk).

  37. “At this time, the more intelligent ones will stick to reading the articles, and skipping the comments. Why bother with those, unless you either can’t think for yourself, or you feel a need for attacking someone?”

    Because it’s fun to read the desperate ad hominem attacks of the NWO rentboys.

    Soon, you Satanic scumbags, very, very soon…

  38. ““Unfortunately for them, international banks that have been looting the planet through the US dollar since 1944”

    the fed began in 1914..>?”

    That was when the Bretton Woods agreement was signed https://infogalactic.com/info/Bretton_Woods_system

  39. If y’all would not think like LAFOReST, we can realize that the new world order is simply or just an old world order. The only fact is that since 1773 with high infuence in Ballkan with Montenegrin project of Greater Serbia and lately with many “bad” agreement with Austria to use it as a shield firstly agaisnt in the war with turks started all this bullsh*t mainly transcripted in nowadayz Vlad whom do not only got the best hand but he got the deck of card. Well seen as a Ballkan citizen all i can say if it was a big chess game, played randomly by Usa, Russia and some viewers is that always when Russia had been in difficult position have said that the chessboard and all the pawns are hers but they do not accept that the chessmens belong to them. So nowadayz using China as a viewer we can see this more clearer. But do not get it to serious as a joke because Kasparov may be upset if the chess championship would end nearly by taking the chessboard by yourself.

  40. Kevin Helrich

    I’ve been thinking of this prediction for almost 40 years.

    Russia prophecy from Edgar Cayce, The Sleeping Prophet, in 1932:

    “What then of nations? In Russia there comes the hope of the world, not as that sometimes termed of the Communistic, of the Bolshevistic; no. But freedom, freedom! that each man will live for his fellow man! The principle has been born. It will take years for it to be crystallized, but out of Russia comes again the hope of the world. Guided by what? That friendship with the nation that hath even set on its present monetary unit “In God We Trust.”

    (Q) Should the United States recognize the present government in Russia?

    (A) Many conditions should be considered, were this to be answered correctly. You could say yes and no, and both be right, with the present attitude of both peoples as a nation, and both be wrong; for there is to come, there will come, an entire change in the attitude of both nations as powers in the financial and economical world. As for those of raw resources, Russia surpasses all other nations. As for abilities for development of same, those in the United States are the farthest ahead. Then these united, or upon an equitable basis, would become – or could become- powers; but there are many interferences for those already investments, those already under questions, will take years to settle.

  41. Digital Samizdat

    The Fed can’t “nationalize” anything, because it’s 100% owned by Wall Street. That’s correct: every last share of the Fed is owned by its own (((member banks))). Look it up.

  42. “Trump had taken control over the Federal Reserve, that is now handled by two representatives of the Treasury of State”

    Where did you find that?

  43. Palestinians do not belong to “Humanity”, I presume?

    Supporting ISIL, ISIS, Alqaida, war in Afghanistan, war and bombing Syria (for more peace?), threatening Iran with war (for more peace?), the same with N-Korea and threatening Europe (North Stream 2 sanctioning).

  44. Henriette, The Federal Reserve is disbanded and foreclosed upon as a crime syndicate engaged in enslavement and peonage schemes, along with the DTCC acting as the clearinghouse for these offenses. Both are denied any function related to our government or representation of our people and must disgorge all assets purloined from Americans including all improperly constructed and construed labor contracts issued under the Miller Act, all confiscations enforced under the Buck Act, all Cestui Que Vie Estates. All American assets are to be conveyed back to Mr. Mnuchin, and thence to be conveyed back to the actual Holders in Due Course without further delay or obfuscation;

    Ref. article: “Second Decree Over Mandate”, Published on Thirtieth Day of March of 2020.
    Source: http://www.annavonreitz.com


    Unfortunately nothing is true in this article! FAKE NEWS!!!

  46. Do the U.S. not have sanctions in place against Russia & Iran? Funny thing to do to an ally !

  47. richard feibel


  48. As always, the truth is something other than you are being told.
    Chloroquine, for example, is effective against malaria because it reduces the oxygen-carrying ability of haemoglobin, and so the parasite is asphyxiated.
    Its side effect is that it results in retinal toxicity, because the retina is the most oxygen-hungry tissue in the body.
    It is being advocated because the kill grid being assembled known as 5G also results in a decreased ability of oxygen to bind to haemoglobin, so when they switch the transmitters on, you will be even less likely to survive this double whammy.
    The financial windfall being promised as the payback for ending the Fed will come at a price,
    1. You will need to take a Mark to access the cash – most will be happy to do this
    2. You will need to accept the replacement of the Common Law with the Noahide Laws, which mandate the decapitation of all who profess the Name of Christ; and again, many will be delighted to do this.
    Watch, and pray.

  49. Contra the author, the mafia is still in charge in Russia. Putin is its main beneficiary and has gotten quite wealthy as a result. Putin could not care less for proles and done much that was destructive. Add in the aggression against Georgia and Ukraine, with the threats to Belarus, Putin is following Hitler, and is in the process of wrecking his country.

  50. Russia good USA bad… why do anti-americans are always running into Putin’s arms?

  51. It may be a bumpy landing, but if all true it might be a landing we walk away from. Knowing Trump is an admirer of Andrew Jackson lends validity to the story.

  52. Just as distorted and slanted as the “official” version, just in a slightly different direction. Drowning in ideology and playing fast & loose with facts just like the big boys.

  53. Gerard Van Meurs

    A glimmer of hope of “The Day After”?

  54. As more sources of truth are being censored and/or eliminated, it is wonderful to discover this author and website. The media, minus Fox, Leo Zagami and a precious few others give my belief we need “Radio free America.”
    Thank you for this valuable essay!

  55. The Best article I have read in over a year. Brilliant. Thank You.

  56. The only thing sure; once this virus is beaten, nothing will be the same.

  57. Things are far simpler than presented. The enemy is the Capital and ramifications that came with it. The virus (which is real) exposed all about our societies and countries; The good, The Bad and The ugly. Once it is over, those who survive will not rebuild the pre-virus system, but take only good and add whatever good we need to build a new way of life and work. So make sure to get on the right side. As for the elite/rich/corporations/banks and other predators; remember we know where you are and live. You may be spared but your loot you looted for centuries from the majority, the reg folks is going back where ti belongs; to society and that is us.
    B ready fro the biggest revolution in history of the world. It likely will be both violent and non violent. So pick the right side and go along with the people, By the way the people are always right. The only mistake we made, we did not do what virus is doing, taking down this rotten system, for which we actually voted every time the elite BSed us with their promises etc. This is over now.

  58. Namiko Zutrau Hart

    It’s an interesting article…but there is more to the story of the COVID19, evidence that it is a project of the WHO & NATO Dark blueprint for a Virus & Vaccine biological war, which is supported by plenty of documentation, & an actual document with this name…carried out by Sino Bavari, a former director of Fort Detrick, has been investigated in the past for violations. Dr. Tedros, director of WHO is also involved in this, as is Fauci, Birx, & many others. Keep in mind Fort Detrick is famous for development of biological weapons since before WW2 & experimentation with this on a public unaware in many cases..I do think the Deep State is behind it & used it as a distraction….but from anecdotal stories from patients, it’s clearly a dangerous virus, & very unpredictable in how it presents in humans. Please see @GeorgWebb youtube channel for more information about this.

  59. Incredible. I work in medical and have yet to see one covid pt at 2 hospitals i work at. This is all…….bullshit…..

  60. Nevermind the clichés, please. It’s neither “fake” nor “news.” It’s an opinion piece. It’s a fanciful projection of hopes based on the perception – or illusion – that converging world events have created the possibility it could actually happen. Conceivable, but remote from likely, in my opinion. But. if there’s any real world validity to his proposed concept, we should be seeing evidence of it pretty soon. I doubt it – but I’ve got his paradigm stored in my mental closet, so just in case any of it seems to be coming true, I’ll be prepared to notice.

  61. SASKIA Bender

    Sure this was lots of work to get the article together.
    Its all somehow information not helping at all humankind to feel better ore to understand.
    You might get headaches if you follow focusing on this.
    Wish you find Love!
    No one was the maker of thikness!
    There is a huge frequency change,for the best!
    Just make sure you do what you realy love and what is good to humanity.

  62. The arrival of false messiah
    Satanic freemason illumination
    The return of king jesus
    The world war begin
    Promises by almighty god

  63. Jaimes Hewitt

    Get right with God now, and stay right with God . Live selflessly and love endlessly . Above all else fear not for I am with you .

  64. It is alleged the select Primary Dealers/TBTF banks own shares of the BOG, Inc. The BOG is [alleged to be] a closely held corp that does not have to file SEC reports. They have skimmed $22 trillion [illegal] profit over 100 years. They are using the Fed to protect their [bankrupt] banks and their ownership in six mega-corporations. Ref. https://www.spartareport.com/2019/11/the-federal-reserve-a-different-view/; https://thedailycoin.org/2018/08/21/the-federal-reserve-a-different-view-updated/ .

    The ultimate end is the Fed will be used to foreclose on the $22 trillion national debt of the US. https://ppjg.me/2019/11/18/scenario-of-national-bankruptcy/.

    The scheme can be exposed by FOIA. Ref. https://thedailycoin.org/2020/02/19/federal-reserve-transparency/.

  65. Trump and Treasury Department has taken control of the Federal Reserve ?? you say.

    If the Treasury Dept (Munchin) has taken over the Fed, isn’t this saying the New York bankers have taken over the US government ??

    It is alleged the select Primary Dealers/TBTF banks own shares of the BOG, Inc. The BOG is [alleged to be] a closely held corp that does not have to file SEC reports. They have skimmed $22 trillion [illegal] profit over 100 years. They are using the Fed to protect their [bankrupt] banks and their ownership in six mega-corporations. Ref. https://www.spartareport.com/2019/11/the-federal-reserve-a-different-view/. https://thedailycoin.org/2018/08/21/the-federal-reserve-a-different-view-updated/

    The ultimate end is the Fed will be used to foreclose on the $22 trillion national debt of the US. https://ppjg.me/2019/11/18/scenario-of-national-bankruptcy/.

    The scheme can be exposed by FOIA. Ref. https://thedailycoin.org/2020/02/19/federal-reserve-transparency/.

  66. does wp stop comments ??

  67. If the rumors [[[ that you make and I have almost confirmed ]]] that the US Treasury (i.e., Munchin of Goldman Sachs) has been authorized as of March 27 to purchase bad debt from the Fed and drop the bad debt that was purchased from TBTF banks onto the US taxpayers [to save Wall Street from bankruptcy] is true, we must conclude Wall Street, as hidden owners of the FRBOG, inc., has completed a coup and a depression is a minor occurrence.


    The – [Ft. Detrick] – virus is the distraction from the economic collapse that was already pending from Federal Reserve//Wall Street high-risk agenda.
    VIRUS—Link is to NY doctor who has treated >350 cases with 100% cure rate. Relief in 4-6 hours and cure in 6 days: https://newsthud.com/ny-doctor-successfully-treats-patients-with-drug-cocktail-zero-deaths-zero-hospitalizations-zero-intubations/ The open letter was sent to White House 7 days ago. Also, https://forward.com/news/national/442285/coronavirus-hydroxychloroquine-trump-doctor/ with 500 patients; and https://techstartups.com/2020/03/28/dr-vladimir-zelenko-now-treated-699-coronavirus-patients-100-success-using-hydroxychloroquine-sulfate-zinc-z-pak-update/; https://therightscoop.com/watch-ny-doctor-says-his-hospital-already-using-chloroquine-for-coronavirus-patients-and-have-had-zero-deaths/; and 4 other sites.

    The virus is going to be blamed as the cause of the economic collapse. The TBTF banks have led the nation to insolvency and will use the Fed to cover the bankruptcy of its owners. Then they will use the Fed to foreclose on the US national debt.

    The select Primary Dealers/TBTF banks own shares of the BOG, Inc. The BOG is [alleged to be] a closely held corp that does not have to file SEC reports. They have skimmed $22 trillion [illegal] profit over 100 years. They are using the Fed to protect their [bankrupt] banks and their ownership in six mega-corporations. Ref. https://www.spartareport.com/2019/11/the-federal-reserve-a-different-view/.

    The ultimate end is the Fed will be used to foreclose on the $22 trillion national debt of the US. https://ppjg.me/2019/11/18/scenario-of-national-bankruptcy/.

    The scheme can be exposed by FOIA. Ref. https://thedailycoin.org/2020/02/19/federal-reserve-transparency/.

  68. Fantastic article, in gratitude!

  69. Keith Pierson

    One should make an effort to learn of the collection of credit process. Quite unique and effective. Groundwork has been laid and now available to all state citizens in possession of a single citizenship from an unincorporated state of the union. This process is available to people of the American State National political status. What is left out there waiting to be accessed by we secured parties is the credit side of what they call the national debt. It is United States debt. Not The United States of America debt. These remedies that we are seeing success in, relate to the effort we have put forth to understand what we are doing. Learn more at annavonreitz,com

  70. So Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin will save us all from the evil deep state, the bankers of the world and the New world order.
    Are we living in an alternate reality or are we all dead.

  71. Keith Pierson

    You know,? You’re question serves to reveal the shallow thinking of many who are in the infancy stages of their development. Your cynical disposition is classic for those left to navigate the deceitful cognitive dissonance blanketed over all aspects of their (your) life on this planet, in this lifetime.

    The motivation of your question is not known. And given the dissonant state of mind, which truly does exist in a large portion of the world’s population, from the chaos of the natural mind of man, only additional cognitive dissonance can be generated. That is the basis for your question making it a worthless question at best, the answer to which, to a cynic such as your self, will only leave you further from the truth.

    But if you would take your head out of your butt for just a few moments of sense talk, a great deal of your dilemna could be lifted from your juvenile ways of thinking.

    It is likely you have spent no time studying Vladimir Putin or Donald Trump. Love’ em or hate’ em they are who and what they are. What you don’t see is what you get. As opposed to you you insincere ass throwing around stupid inconsequential questions that only serve to increase your own stupidity and that at your own behest. Now that is the definition of dumb ass. Kind of like one intentionally sabotaging their own potential of success.

    Both of these men are brilliant in their understanding of the old world order (that is how they see it now, it is the old world order), and they truly are cognizant of the fact that the old ways are not compatible with a future peaceful and loving world. They see people as the answer and not the problem. They thoroughly comprehend that it will require the help of all of us who support their efforts. What it looks like is that instead of the old world order drum beat of population control of say removing a large percentage

    The eye opener for us should be that we the people are the new world order and you better buckle up because we are on the horizon of an extremely difficult process whereby each of the 50 states of the union will once again be managed by American owned Commercial Service Contractors and Sub-contractors as opposed to the British Territorial and Papal Municipal U.S. governments who have both been forced into involuntary Chapter 7 bankruptcy and are presently both in their final 90 days of existence and then good bye forever. It make take a sustained effort to reverse the damage caused by the British equity system to our American system of juris -prudence and our people over the years, but we are on track and moving steadily forward. The key is rebuilding the American States following the so called Civil War. That is occurring now and is a large part of The Putin/Trump Trump/Putin plan to rid the planet of the old world order.

    This shows the importance of the next four years of Trumps presidency. The same holds true for Putin because they are both in their last four years (that is if Trump gets in again). Important because it will largely become the responsibility of the American people from here on out in assuring the proper role of The United States of America in regard to the rest of the world. The walking dead are going to have to be resuscitated back to life when we take the helm of the ship for the final time on this planet.

    Both of these guys deserve greater respect than found in the nature of your question.

  72. Keith Pierson

    (end of paragraph 5 above) What it looks like is instead of the old world order reducing the world population to what they consider sustainable, we the people will be about the righteous business of insuring none of the perpetrators of the great fraud against us, survive long enough to ever have the opportunity to do it again. There is no place for shallow, baseless words and actions among those whose honor consists of their own self-governance like those who are busying themselves about the business of converting each of the 50 American federated States of State back to American ownership.

    My words apply only to Americans who have taken the necessary steps to correct their political status and have joined their State Jural Assembly. The proper political status for all Americans born on the land and soil jurisdiction of all the fifty states of the union is American State National, American National, State Citizen (single citizenship), State Elector. Most Americans have been mis identified as US Citizens or citizens of the United States (minor). Until you correct this you are simply slaves working for the British Territorial United States or the Papal Municipal UNITED STATES.

    If you are a united states citizen it sucks to be you! You have no rights! And you should look into this and take the necessary steps to get your political status corrected. It’s not too late yet but you gotta get busy or it soon may be.

  73. Bill Still had the solution 25 years ago with “The Money Masters” Today, the solution is possible, RED stamped money is BALANCE, GREEN stamped money is RUBBER. The Queen agrees.

  74. The claim that 5G causes COVID19 is plain bullshit and spread by people who do not work with radio frequencies. I have years of experience building radio control systems and FPV systems on drones that use frequencies in the 5GHz to 6GHz range, never had any issues with hypoxia.

    5G has more room for data simply because of the higher frequency. This is why we’ve never used the UHF range for internet broadband because it covers 300MHz to 3GHz only, providing limited bandwidth for data. The most you can do with UHF is transmit TV and radio broadcasts.

    What many 5G conspiracy theorists do not know is that the higher the frequency, the lower its ability to penetrate through walls, trees and solid structures. Drones with Tx systems that operate on 5.8GHz have a range of about 2km but if you switch to 2.4GHz you can go up to 5km or more depending on your transmitter power and what type of antenna you’re using (omnidirectional VS directional antennas) Lower frequencies such as VHF have better range and penetration which is why it is the choice of military and police. With far higher range and penetration why didn’t these conspiracy theorists claim that VHF is capable of causing cancer, etc.?

    5G belongs to the SHF (Super High Frequency) band of 3GHz to 30GHz. SHF has a wavelength of 10cm to 1cm. Only EHF (Extremely High Frequency) in the 30GHz to 300GHz range has a wavelength of 1cm to 1mm.

  75. Unfortunately thats the new world Order. We have to follow. it is the sad Reality

  76. Thank you for the Post , keep it up it is very very awesome and some good work you are doing here. Informing us on whats actually happening day by day

  77. Samuel Pickford

    The whole article seems to be written by someone being rightfully held in the looney bin, such a pile of garbage

  78. It wasn’t Czech Republic which blocked the access to Italy…but Poland!!….Please get your facts straight.

  79. It wasn’t Czech Republic which blocked Russian planes to Italy…but Poland!

  80. Ok there then butterball.

  81. Krocke Hilmar

    This is the biggest BS I have seen in a long time. You should be deported from the USA ! Along with Trump.
    I do not know how I came across this Garbage. It will not happen again.

  82. Keith Pierson

    So let me ask, why did you decide to wear your stupid on your shirt sleeve. So your name is krocke, so what ever you say is krocke, I get it.

  83. whatever Russia gets its hands on it wants to show that it is ahead. Imagine they already have a concition for what is torturing the world. Way to go Mr. Putin

  84. Putin is way Beyond Extra Ordinary, I trust In him fully, I believe in his Judgement, I trust him and hey editor thank you for the article it is quite Informative, Powerful and Useful at the same time.

  85. Conspiracy theory much? Look at the amount of people who actually believe this big bunch of bullshit. Not nice to take advantage of the feeble-minded but then, how would the feeble-minded author of this nonsense know the difference.

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  87. Sylvain LAFOREST …AMAZING….can you contact me please

  88. Now is the time to end the Global Hidden Enemy that one can find in over 180 countries controlling telecominfrastructure including BIC/IBAN #nobel#dynamyte

  89. Love the freedom of your writing putting the truth out there. Really looking forward to the future after a few interesting times

  90. this gives me great hope for the world , US and Russia as allies gives me joy just wish the people in UK would wake up we have no decent leader or no truth speaker the ones we have have got to go apart from the Scottish lady Nicola Sturgeon who I believe truly cares for her people. thankyou for writing this article I may even sleep tonight knowing my grandbabies have a future I am full of gratitude.

  91. the way i dont want the battle with trump

  92. the one thing that’s missing from this is sources – I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said really but sources of your information need to be provided for people to take your article seriously and not dismiss it as a conspiracy theory – that being said great article!

  93. Thanks for your thoughts! The research is your baby. I’ve done mine. How, or why you choose to believe or not believe is for you to work on, not me. If you’re not worth your own research effort so be it. Please don’t let this offend you, but you are no one’s responsibility but you’re own.

  94. Thanks for sharing. I found a lot of interesting information here. A really good article, very grateful and hope that you will write more articles like this.

  95. Great article! It jives with many sources of information including astrological interpretations on Trump that I have seen:


    One thing I’m not clear about is Blackrock. I always understood that as a private military contractor they were behind many misdemeanours over the last 20 or so years. Where can we find information that exonerates them, or proves that they are now, or always were white hats? Thanks! Also in view of the deep state sponsored riots and looting that are now taking place, it seems clear that the virus wasn’t the ‘last ditch’ attempt of the deep state. It does seem like a desperate grasping for straws, and it seems Trump has again used it in his favour. I’m looking forward to your analysis of that.

  96. To the guy up there with tech specifications about 5G, are you a doctor? Do you have any kind of degree in science? By the way you did not watch conference with doctors and sciences that performed some kind of test and calculations did not approve 5G to be safe for any living organisms a specially humans. Dig deeper! If just think, the signal travels through everything and you believe it is good for us/you? What type of test did you performed?

  97. great article overall……….one reservation…it wasn’t the Czech Republic which blocked its air space for the Russian aid planes to Italy, it was Poland…here is the link for the Russian tweet to confirm this…


  98. Mr. Laforest is mostly sensationalist and not factual.

    I don’t know what Putin, a long time friend of Kissinger (the agent of the bankers of the City of London), is truly up to but Trump did not take over the Fed.

    Neither is Blackstone, created and run by the same people who created the Fed, the instrument used by Trump to nationalize the industry/economy.

    An important reality omitted by Mr. Laforest is the “Green” economy currently being rolled out. It was designed by the bankers (decades ago) to salvage their currently bankrupt financial system. Judging by how virtually all companies are jumping on the band wagon, it seems to be working. Since Blackstone was brought up, it should be noted that they are shifting trillions into the “Green”.

    To me, and my intentions are to be realistic, the NWO clan is going through some bumps — but is well and alive.

    On an ending note, and in regards to the last sentence of the article, Easter was cancelled this year. That’s another point for the NWO.

    While the NWO is going through bumps, it’s well and alive. Hopefully, the wrestling Trump appears to deliver them is real.

  99. In my humble opinion. I feel a lot of what the Author shares here has some merit that things could pan out in this direction if the final word was left to human-kind. Though myself I tend to air on the side of Biblical prophecies unfolding. It clearly is laying out here in this scripture alone at 1st Thessalonians below that the system we all live under is going to declare we finally have Peace and Safety in our midst. Is that not like a false sense of Peace, Security, Tranquility etc, yet if that was truly the case then why does it go onto say when they make this proclamation to us the peoples of the world, sudden destruction lays in wait shortly there after? If you have peace and so called security in our midst, how in the world can you have destruction in the same sentence. It is obvious that the announcement that is to be made will be fake news as we keep hearing these days. > Read this and meditate on it and see if you come to the same conclusion. > 1 Thessalonians 5:3
     For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.
    I think our Loving Creator has a plan and no worldly system we live under presently will prevent that plan from coming to fruition because Divine providence is at the forefront of it, even though we may be lured into a false sense of it happening. I was shared this link by a friend, otherwise I would probably never would have come across this page.

    All the best everyone, peace and good health one an all.

  100. The information about the last battle you shared is up to date and is very popular.

  101. Drowning in ideology and playing fast & loose with facts just like the big boys. the way i don’t want the battle with trump.

  102. Netal Shepherd

    No one controls the narrative nor the timeline. With the recent bankruptcies of both territorial and municipal all bets are off now that we know it’s a fact. Enjoy the ride and keep an open mind, it will serve you well.

  103. I wanted to thank you for this websites! Thanks for sharing. Great websites!

  104. To Greg on 07/06 – Blackrock is not a military contractor with past demeanours – that was BLACKWATER and they are still around based in the UAE and carrying out dirty deeds for same in the Horn of Africa and elsewhere as required – check out their CEO Erik Prince on google or wherever

  105. Thanks for sharing the information it was very helpful for me

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