Post Pandemic Space For BRI

The Pandemic has hit the whole world; almost 203 countries, regions, and territories have reported the confirmed cases of Coronavirus infected. The hard-hit countries include the USA, Spain, Italy, France, China, Iran, and the UK. The industry has been closed on most of the countries, and trade has been halted already. The routine life has been disturbed, and social distance has created a new type of problem. The whole world has been facing challenges, which they have not expected or even not imagined.

The first country became the victim of COVID-19, which was China. But, timely actions and appropriate measures made China to defeat the COVID-19. For the last several days, no new case was reported. Life has been turning toward a normal routine. The industry has been opened. Domestic Trading is resumed. However, International travel and Trading are partially resumed, but China is ready to meet the world demand for medical equipment and necessities of life.

As the COVID-19 spread in the EU and the US, almost after two months.  And they are currently reached in peak destructive mood. Western World is under lockdown position. Industry, Trading, and economic activities are almost negligible. It has damaged the economy badly. Companies are getting bankrupt and closed down. People are losing jobs, and social security systems are over-burdened.

After the Pandemic is over, the ruined Western World will need, food, necessities of life. The defiant Industry will require investment, and Western countries may not meet the demands of resources, especially financial support.

Workers wearing face masks rope a container ship at a port in Qingdao
Workers wearing face masks rope a container ship at a port in Qingdao, Shandong province, China February 11, 2020

China has a strong economy, although its economy also faced a dent. However, China still has the highest reserves of foreign exchange and possess enough capacity to meet the global demands of goods, services, and capital. China may find more space for BRI under the post-pandemic damaged global economy.

The Countries under BRI will get benefits of Chinese incentives under its mega initiative of friendly and flexible policies. More countries are expected to recognize and join BRI. BRI will play an essential role in rebuilding the ruined global economy.

New projects will be launched under BRI and opening more avenues of opportunities. China and BRI countries will enhance economic activities, leading toward mutual benefits and prosperity. Chinese principle of “Win-Win” will ensure fruits all BRI nations.

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), the flagship project under BRI, will boost up. CPEC was not halted during the Pandemic, and Gwadar Port was functional throughout. Both Governments are in close contact and consulting the ways and means of boosting CPEC cooperation.

The recent visit of President of Pakistan to China and meetings with leadership was solidarity with China and strengthening our cooperation in all dimensions, including CPEC. Next month’s expected visit of Chinse President Xi Jin Ping, will be important for CPEC too.

Post pandemic, there will be more space for developments, and China has the capacity and will to cater for demands. It is expected a big boost for BRI.  Smart nations are busy with homework and planning for post-pandemic cooperation. Enhancement of BRI will lead toward the prosperity of the whole BRI community and contribute toward declining global economy and growth.

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  1. Lukasz Brozewicz

    Germany is one of the most infected country

  2. mm Zamir AWAN

    Pray for Germans and whole world for quck recovery. May God look after all of us and protect from all evils.

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