China Firmly Committed To Prosper Hong Kong

When China initiated dialogue with Britain regarding taking sovereignty over Hong Kong in the 1980s, the economic disparity, lifestyle, and culture between China’s mainland and Hong Kong was huge. Indeed, Hong Kong was much more developed and prosperous as compared to mainland China. It was impossible to satisfy Hong Kong residents if they treated them just like the Chinese on the mainland. The Visionary leader Deng Xiao Ping innovated the theory of “One country Two systems” to keep the status of Hong Kong unchanged and sustain people’s Prosperity in Hong Kong.

The same was valid for Macao, and China offered the same approach to Taiwan for peaceful reunification. “One Country Two Systems” was an ideal solution for the reunification of Taiwan and China, it will ensure the current status, developments, and Prosperity, remain unchanged. There are people in Taiwan convinced with this noble theory.

It is emphasized that the Hong Kong issue is too delicate and sensitive to China. If handled adequately, it may support the peaceful reunification of Taiwan. If mishandled, the Taiwan issue may become more complicated and convoluted.

The Chinese leadership is well aware of all aspects of Hong Kong and its repercussions and trying its best to handle them appropriately to the satisfaction of the masses in Hong Kong.

If China accepts the external interference in Hong Kong and bows down the foreign pressure, it will bounce back to mainland China a rebellion message and spread unrest among Chinese in the mainland. And a situation like “Tian An Men Square” in 1989 may repeat again.

On the other hand, China has emerged as a global economic and geopolitical power. It understands its international commitments and obligations. So, China is implementing One Country Two Systems, in true spirit. China cares a lot about its global reputation. China does not wish to damage its international image. China has emerged as a mature and responsible state. The current Chinese leadership is full of wisdom and vision.

Prosperous Hong KongThe 14th five-year plan has been drafted very wisely to address all such concerns, and China will succeed in maintaining its sovereignty over Hong Kong and yet will not change to the current status of Hong Kong and its well-known Prosperity. China will not allow any foreign interference in its domestic issue. In fact, China has grown and became mature enough not to be coerced. China has surpassed the stage where any other nation can pressure China.

The stability of Hong Kong is vital for its traditional economic activities. Hong Kong used to be a commercial hub of Asia, and many Western Companies were operating China businesses from Hong Kong. Hong Kong played a vital role in connecting China with the rest of the World in early days of Opening up and Reforms China’s introduction era.

People of Hong Kong are industrious and possessing a commercial approach, which is a pre-requisite for Prosperity. However, stability and conducive environments are required to exploit their potential fully. The deliberate attempt by some foreign countries to destabilize Hong Kong and let China bleed was disastrous.

Initially, China showed restrains and flexibility and kept eyes half-closed and pretended to overlook. Still, once the protesters crossed limits and became a threat to the stability of Hong Kong, then China has taken adequate measures.

Cina is committed to the Prosperity of Hong Kong and may take any measures to ensure the status of Hong Kong unchanged. China will ensure Hong Kong environments where people can focus on their daily routine work without fear and interruption. The Hard working people of Hong Kong will be provided guaranteed safety to contribute toward their economy and well being.

The 14th Five-Year Plan is the first time where Hong Kong is included in such a robust manner. It shows Chines commitment to the stability and Prosperity of Hong Kong.

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