The US Might Require Decades To Clear The Whole Mess

During the last several years, the US has deteriorated its image and reputation as well as its relations with other countries more than ever. It is a consensus shared by the international community, including those sincere with Americans.

The United States has pursued unilateralism, undermining multilateral cooperation, wantonly pulling out of treaties and organizations, and arbitrarily resorting to using or threat of sanctions. To date, the US has been introverted from a dozen international treaties and organizations. On climate change, it declines to ratify the Kyoto Protocol and has withdrawn from the Paris Agreement, which has undermined the global struggle to protect the environment. On arms control and non-proliferation, it pulled out of the JCPOA and the INF Treaty, unsigned the Arms Trade Treaty, declared its withdrawal from the Open Skies Treaty, and has been dragging its feet towards encompassing the New START. It has harmed the efforts of many countries to sustain global peace and stability. At the vital juncture when members of the international community joined hands to fight COVID-19, the United States pulled out of WHO. Although the US is the worst victim of the Pandemic, keeping a distance from collective efforts to fight against the Pandemic is beyond understanding.

Riots that happened on the 6th of January were an extreme phenomenon to express the State’s deterioration. Unfortunately, in his statement, President Trump said that those who have violated the law should be punished. At the same time, he has instigated the protest and watched the whole episode on TV and his family and friends. His daughter was dancing with joy. In fact, he was pleased with his power show and the mess he has created, but later on, his remarks for punishing the law violators were just a trick, and his body language was also notwithstanding with him.

US in a messThere is a severe reaction from the International Community, and many world leaders have expressed their feeling condemning the incident. Facts have confirmed time and again that the United States is the most significant destabilizing factor for global peace and security. Polls surveying people in over ten countries, including Germany, Japan, and the ROK, show that half or more interviewees consider the United States poses significant threats to their national security. Many Americans believe that the biggest threat to the United States is no other but itself.

The divide and hate created by Trump Administration are so deep that it might take decades to rectify. The US might never gain the status of superpower again.

The new world order is emerging, which may be led by Russia and China, strengthening the UN and law-based International system, where no nation will be above the law. Justice, equality, and peace would prevail. New alliances would emerge, siding with Russia and China blocks. EU may also keep its distance from the US.

Trading patterns, routes, and partners may be changed entirely. Internationa relation may witness a complete change. Geopolitics is undergoing rapid changes.

Pakistan has learned a bitter experience and has decided not to be a party with any country in wars. Pakistan is a peace-loving nation genetically and would not be involved in any conflict. However, we support peace, harmony, and development and always willing to partner with any country on its struggle for peace, stability, and prosperity.

Pakistan’s geostrategic location makes it a pivot in international relations, and we firmly stand for the stability of our region. Pakistan supports any initiative by any nation for the well-being of humanity.

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