The First Battle In Biden’s America: MAGA vs. The GOP

Multiple preexisting socio-political fault lines are rapidly rising to the surface in Biden’s America, but among the few examples of friction that might actually be to the country’s ultimate benefit will arguably be the one between the Trump-inspired “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) movement and the Republicans (the “Grand Old Party”, GOP), as the former has the chance to politically smash the latter by simultaneously founding a third party in parallel with putting immense pressure upon their counterpart’s leadership from within in an attempt to take wrest control of the party if successful.

MAGA’s Split From The GOP

Biden’s America is rapidly bringing multiple preexisting socio-political fault lines to the surface, but this might actually be to the country’s ultimate benefit if the friction between the Trump-inspired “Make America Great Again” (MAGA) movement and the Republicans (the “Grand Old Party”, GOP) becomes the first battle defining this new era. MAGA has the chance to politically smash the GOP by simultaneously founding a third party in parallel with putting immense pressure upon their counterparts’ leadership from within in an attempt to wrest control of the party if successful. Former President Trump’s unexpected decision to throw in the towel and give up fighting what he vehemently believed was the unprecedented electoral and voter fraud that resulted in current President Biden’s certification by the Electoral College and influenced the storming of the US Capitol on the same day earlier this month provoked an irreparable rift between MAGA and the GOP. Many of the former now want nothing to do with the latter.

Status Quo Ante Bellum

MAGA was symbolically led by Trump and he’ll likely continue to exert the most powerful influence over it, but it was always about much more than him personally. Members followed his lead, and that’s why many previously politically apathetic people and even former Democrats and those who used to support third parties voted for the GOP simply because he ran on its ticket during the last two elections. Trump embodied the spirit of MAGA after coining the movement’s name and bringing together its many disparate members who had hitherto lacked a platform upon which to organize in pursuit of their deeply held beliefs. The former President also courted many folks who would have earlier described themselves as “establishment/traditional Republicans” prior to them being inspired by the articulation of his fresh views which quite a few of them were never exposed to before. These fast-moving socio-political dynamics made GOP elites fear that that they were beginning to lose control of their own party through this peaceful revolution within it.

The “Deep State’s” De Facto One-Party Dictatorship

Many of its members, both new and old alike, had been under the impression prior to the rise of MAGA that the GOP represented limited government and stood in support of conservative social values. That might have been what it originally stood for, but not any longer after having been silently taken over by what are nowadays described as the “Republicans In Name Only”, or RINOs, who are essentially a superficially more conservative version of the liberal Democrats that only occasionally spews right-wing talking points in order to win votes ahead of upcoming elections. In reality, the RINO-dominated GOP has become nothing more than a controlled opposition to the ruling Democrats, the latter of which have merged with the GOP’s Trotskyistoriginating neoconservative elites to create a single class of power brokers in charge of the country’s permanent military, intelligence, and diplomatic bureaucracies (“deep state”). This was the worst-kept secret in contemporary American politics, but was finally exposed as the most enduring element of Trump’s legacy to America.

Mitch McConnell, John Barrasso, John Thune, Roy Blunt, Joni Ernst, Rick Scott
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., talks briefly to reporters after the Republican Conference held leadership elections, on Capitol Hill in Washington, November 10, 2020. He is joined by, from left, Conference Vice Chairman Joni Ernst, R-Iowa, Policy Committee Chairman Roy Blunt, R-Mo., Majority Whip John Thune, R-S.D., Conference Chairman John Barrasso, R-Wyo., and National Republican Senatorial Committee Rick Scott, R-Fla.

The Democrats Rely On The RINOs To Rule

The GOP is now facing an existential crisis in the face of the looming large-scale defections of MAGA members following Trump’s departure from office, which could spoil the Democrats’ grand plans to impose a de facto one-party dictatorship upon the country. The US might be saved from the “dystopian hellhole” that Biden’s America is on the path to creating if the Democrats’ plans are ruined as as result, since everything that they’re planning is dependent first and foremost on the RINO-dominated GOP continuing to function as the controlled opposition making all of this possible in perpetuity. The GOP must therefore keep as many MAGA members within its ranks as possible otherwise the Democrats’ de facto one-party dictatorship will always run the risk of being reversed, even if it takes some time to actually happen. Confronted with this credible threat to their joint rule of the country, the RINOs are resorting to their typical tactic of trying to scare their base into voting for them once more as the false solution to the de facto one-party problem that they themselves helped create.

Resisting The RINOs Is The First Step To Freedom

MAGA members mustn’t be misled by the false hope that the presently RINO-dominated GOP will do anything to stop the Democrats’ de facto one-party plans since it’s that very same party which made all of this possible in the first place. No one should ever forget that the Republicans controlled Congress during Trump’s first two years in office, but he failed to get much of anything done since the RINOs viciously sabotaged him at every turn at the behest of their Democrat patrons with whom they see eye-to-eye in terms of indefinitely perpetuating the worst-kept secret in contemporary American politics, the country’s de facto one-party rule that Trump tried to dismantle through his ultimately unsuccessful attempt to “drain the swamp”. What needs to immediately happen is that MAGA members must simultaneously pioneer the creation of a third party in parallel with putting immense pressure upon the GOP from within in an attempt to wrest control of the party if successful.

The Spirit Of 1776

Regarding the first of these two primary objectives, it’s possible that Trump might soon found the so-called “Patriot Party” according to reports, which they could all assemble under in that event. If he doesn’t, then MAGA’s most prominent community members must proactively organize in this direction. Whether through the “Patriot Party” or whichever other one might be created, MAGA must ensure that the movement remains united, which can only be achieved by reading, rereading, sharing, and educating everyone about the findings from Trump’s 1776 Commission that Biden Trump’s 1776 Commission as one of his first acts in office. This 45-page report concisely articulates the vision of America that every MAGA member is aspiring for as well as the existential threat facing their country’s unique governing system by the rise of Democrat-driven identity politics. It should be regarded as mandatory reading for all MAGA members without exception, and discussion groups must pop among within each local MAGA community to talk about these ideas and teach them to others.

The “American Solidarity” Movement

MAGA theory can be transformed into praxis in two complementary ways. Just like the Poles peacefully organized nationwide through their 1980s “Solidarity” movement, so too can MAGA do the same through the establishment of an “American Solidarity” counterpart. This vanguard element of their movement would be responsible for peaceful protests and other non-violent forms of resistance to Biden’s America such as the creative employment of the Color Revolution technologies masterminded by Gene Sharp, especially those described in detail in his famous works “From Dictatorship To Democracy” and “There Are Realistic Alternatives”. Just like the Democrats have Antifa and “Black Lives Matter” as their party’s most politically active presence in the streets, so too must MAGA have “American Solidarity”, though the latter must of course remain within legal limits and protest peacefully at all times unlike its ultra-radical left-wing counterparts. Without “American Solidarity”, MAGA might fade into obscurity as an increasingly censored online-only movement.

MAGA’s Anti-RINO Rebellion Within The GOP

The second means for transforming MAGA theory into praxis is to launch a full-scale political rebellion within the GOP through legal and peaceful means. All MAGA members within this controlled opposition party must immediately stop donating to it and cancel their memberships. That’s the only way to make the RINOs realize that their betrayal of the party’s ideals and its former President is absolutely unacceptable to their base. The RINOs will lose their importance to their Democrat patrons if they’re no longer capable of managing MAGA, which might provoke an intra-elite fault line in response that could be exploited by the Trump-inspired movement. MAGA must also immediately start supporting primary challenges to all RINOs across the country, whether by supporting those few legitimate members of the GOP who still support the party’s original ideals of small government and social conservatism or other third-party forces such as their own or whichever else might be most politically convenient depending on the local electoral context.

Freeing The GOP From The RINOs Will Help Defeat The Democrats

Under no circumstances whatsoever should MAGA members continue to listen to, let alone support, the RINO-dominated GOP controlled opposition. That junior power structure which crucially upholds and superficially “legitimizes” their Democrat patrons’ de facto one-party rule in Biden’s America must be undermined at all costs, both from outside through the formation of a third-party force as well as simultaneously from within through MAGA’s political rebellion aimed at wresting control of the party. The GOP, in terms of its present role as a RINO-dominated Democrat front for de facto one-party rule, is the most immediate political enemy of all MAGA members. It can, however, function as a force for good if MAGA eventually wrests control of it from the RINOs and then encourages their third-party force to support the GOP during the next elections in order to have the greatest impact. Even so, their third-party force must always remain institutionally independent of the GOP from here on out lest MAGA once again loses control of the latter to the RINOs.

Concluding Thoughts

The de facto one-party dictatorship that the Democrats plan to impose on the rest of the country throughout the course of the “dystopian hellhole” that’s more “politely” referred to as Biden’s America can be averted if the RINO-dominated GOP controlled opposition is undermined from within and without by MAGA. The false hope that the party’s present elite represent is the weak link in the system upholding and superficially “legitimizing” this anti-democratic state of affairs, hence why it must be politically opposed by those many members of its base that have been misled and exploited by the RINOs for far too long. Instead of submitting to their fearmongering that this one-party outcome would be facilitated by the RINOs political overthrow, MAGA must realize that such an outcome can only be averted by successfully wresting control of the GOP from those Democrat proxies. Without their RINO proxies to rely on, the Democrats will be forced to show their true face by resorting to classical authoritarianism, thus prompting more peaceful and political resistance to their rule.

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