Tolerance And Co-Existence Are Key To Global Peace And Stability

The United Nations General Assembly has unanimously approved a resolution co-sponsored by Pakistan and several OIC and other countries on “Promoting a Culture of Peace and Tolerance to Protection of Religious Sites.” Consistent with Prime Minister Imran Khan’s visualization, this resolution is part of Pakistan’s continuing diplomatic efforts to safeguard religious sites, promote interfaith harmony, and combat intolerance based on religion or belief.

It was observed that some nations and individuals were deliberate, degrading, humiliating, and offending Muslims. They have evil designs and motives to hurt Muslims. As a matter of fact, they do not respect their religion, religious figures, or sacred sites and can not understand the sacradness of the Muslim faith.

While Islam teaches us tolerance, co-existence, and respect for all, Muslims believe in all holy prophets, including Jesus, Moses, and Muhammad (May Peace be upon all of them), and repect all of them equally without any discrimination.

Because of recent defamation of religious personalities and ciphers and rising religious extremism and intolerance around the world, this resolution intentions to mainstream steps for restricting such negative trends. It deprecates all acts of violence, discrimination, prejudice, religious hatred, negative stereotyping, and stigmatization based on religion or faith. It condemns attacks on holy places, sites, and shrines and the destruction and forceful conversion of religious sites.

Due to the lead countries’ collective efforts comprising Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Oman, Bahrain, and Egypt, this resolution was adopted by United Nations General Assembly by consensus.

There are 97% Muslims and 3% other religions in Pakistan, including Christianity, Sikh, and Hindus, etc. The Constitution of Pakistan protects the rights of minorities. Law enforcement agencies are pro-actively protect the minorities. However, in case of any violence, Pakistani courts provide them relief. Pakistan’s judiciary is well-known for making a brave decision based on justice. Even, the highest position in Pakistan’s Parliamentry system of Government, Three Prime Ministers were punished. The independent judiciary in Pakistan dares to take a hard decision to deliver justice.

Pakistan’s UN Ambassador Munir Akram

Due to the lead countries’ collective efforts, including Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Morocco, Oman, Bahrain, and Egypt, this resolution was adopted by United Nations General Assembly by consensus.

Although Muslims pass through the darkest era and are divided and victimized by the US and its allies, Muslims have a history full of glories. Ottoman Empire has been ruling part of Asia, Europe, and Africa – Three continents. Muslims were the pioneer of Modern Science and Technology, especially Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Muslim Traders traveled around the globe and spreading knowledge and wisdom.

Today, there are 57 Muslim countries in the United Nations, and there are around 20% muslims in the world population. However, they are concentrated in Middle-East and Far-East but are spread worldwide, with various concentrations. Muslims have a significant vote bank in the UN and a say in its decisions. Muslim wold owns vast reserves of natural resources, especially Oil and Gas, and became a significant supplier of energy to the world.

Muslims are victimized and coerced due to a lack of unity among them, but if such atrocities reach an extent, they are forced to unite and awaken. Muslims have the potential and qualities to rule again. In the last couple of decades, Muslim blood became too cheap. Millions of Muslims were killed, forced to leave their houses, took refuge in camps, or migrated to other countries. Women were raped and humiliated, and children were enslaved or converted to other religions. But all these brutalities may help Muslims to awaken and revive their lost glories.

Since President Bush launched crusade against Muslims, after staging a drama of 9/11 in 2001 at World Trade Center, millins of muslims killed in Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Yemen and other parts of worl,. Their houses were damaged, properties were destroyed, crops were damaged and burned, businesses were damaged, women were raped, childred were enslaved, forced to live in capms or migrate to other countries. Irrespective of who became President in the US, all of them persuaded the pre-set policy of crusae set by President Bush.

It has created an anti-US sentiments in the Muslim world. Although, some of the Muslim rulers are maintain close contacts or good relations with the US, but public sentiments are obviously anto-America. Such rulers do not represent their people, and are installed-dictators.

China has very good economic penetration in Muslim world, it is time for Russia to extend political, diplomatic and security, & defense cooperation with the Muslim world. Russian role in Syria has beed applauded and desitred more cooperation with other American-victim nations.

Russia and China can play balancing role in the Muslim world and save humanity from unilateral disaster.

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  1. It’s very true’ shameful for Americans and it dirty policy makers.

  2. Yes, Muslim Ummah needs competent and honest leadership to protect our larger interests. However, we are awaiting to have such leadership since long in the recent history, to utilize the indigenous resources through good governance, attain self sufficiency in science and technology, establish trading blocks with friendly countries and provide the Ummah a respectable place in the international community.

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