The Revival Of Russia And The Way Forward

It was President Putin who led Russia and played a vital role in its revival. After the disintegration of the former USSR in 1991, it was a mega-disaster and collapse of the political system, leading to dissolution.

The first thing President Putin realized the mistakes of the Communist Party and its authoritarian mind-set. He was brave enough to acknowledge the mistakes first and then to learn lessons from mistakes.

He formed his team based on merit and gave them autonomy, and give weightage to their opinions. He was kind enough to accept their criticism and different views with an open mind.

The mega achievement he has gained on the economic front, from almost collapsed to a revival of its economy, was a significant task. He opted for the optimal approach recommended by his financial advisors and experts and showed positive results within a short span of time. Economic stability has evolved political stability in the nation, and the general public supported President Putin in the smooth implementation of his plan.

There is no doubt that Russia is improving its soft image worldwide, and the general public is happier and prosperous today. Contrary to the former USSR’s old image, that was Afghan adventure, Chechnya war, etc., today, Russia is playing a positive role in peacemaking and developments.

Revival Of RussiaSignificantly, the Russian image in the Muslim World has improved a lot. The US and its allies launched a crusade against the Muslim World and killed millions of Muslims in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, and many other parts of the World. The Arab-Spring, designed and executed by Wester colonialist powers, has damaged their image. The unconditional and irrational support to India and Israel’s state in the genocide of Muslims in Kashmir and Palestine has damaged their image.

The aggressive approach toward Iran, the execution of General Sulemani, the Assassination of Nuclear Scientists, the unilateral withdrawal from legitimate Iran-Nuclear Deal, and imposing illogical sanctions on Iran are under the Trump-Administration has further damaged the American image.

President Trump’s discriminatory and bias policies regarding immigration and strict visa regime, targeting Muslims, were extraordinarily racist and unacceptable in any manner among the civilized World.

Under President Putin’s outstanding leadership, Russia has successfully reached out the Muslim World to restore its international influence. The mutual exchange visits by leaders of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Iran, Egypt and exponentially growing economic and defense collaboration have the potential to shape a new regional and global order.

The Muslim World is enormous, with an estimated population of around two billion; almost every fourth person is a Muslim. There are 57 Muslim countries as sovereign members of the United Nations. They possess a large vote bank and political weightage. The Muslim World is rich in natural resources, with vast reserves of oil, gas, and minerals.

Although possessing colossal potential, but politically divided and yet poor and weak, often coerced by Western World and victimized frequently. It is an excellent opportunity for Russia to avail anti-America sentiments in the Muslim World in the best interest and build deep friendships with the Muslim World.

Russian strategic shift toward Pakistan has a significant impact on regional peace and stability. Economic cooperation and defense collaboration are improving day by day. There exists a huge potential for cooperation in education, Science, Technology, Research, and Innovation. The energy sector is an important area, where Russia has an edge and Pakistan is an energy-thirsty country. Pakistan is rich in agriculture and can contribute toward the food security of Rusian conveniently.

There is a dire need to strengthen the interaction among scholars, intellectuals, and think tanks of both countries. People-to-people contact and personal exchanges will promote understanding, harmony and leads to business opportunities too.

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