US-Russia Relations May Tense Severely

In a reaction to President Joe Biden’s remarks about President Putin as “Killer,” President Putin said on Russian TV that “It takes one to know one,” and challenged President Joe to talk to him live on air. He believes it will be interesting for both countries to know facts, and live talk publicly will help the people of the two countries understand the truth in a much better manner.

The US President Joe Biden blamed Russia for alleged involvement in American Elections 2020, favoring President Trump, and demanded a heavy price.

Following Biden’s allegations, Russia recalled its ambassador Anatoly Antonov to the US for urgent consultations over the future of US-Russia ties. It is a serious matter and will have far-reaching implications for the future of US-Russia relations and geopolitics.

Biden called Putin a killerIn the past, there were many allegations against Russia, like poisoning and imprisonment of opposition leader Alexey Navalny. Russia was facing economic sanctions too. The countries were backing opposite sides in the Syrian war, etc.

Since President Joe Biden has taken charge of the office, it was expected that the world might suffer more as he was in the Cold War era’s old mindset. But it was not expected that he could go to such an extent where he has forgotten all diplomatic etiquette and politeness. The language he used for President Putin was below standard and did not match his status.

Whereas President Putin was polite and wished him “good health.” It was either a taunt that he is suffering from mental health and giving remarks without thinking about the consequences or really wishing him good health as he is too old and cannot climb stairs while boarding aircraft. However, President Putin’s remarks should be conceived positively.

President Putin is known for the revival of Russia and making Russia strong enough to face American threats. It was evident that after the former USSR’s disintegration, Russia almost collapsed and lost its superpower status. The US emerged as a unique superpower in the unipolar world.

The US faced no resistance during its attack on Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan but faced massive resistance in the Syrian war. Russia successfully saved the Syrian Government and opposed American aggression.

The US wanted to attack Iran and North Korea, it was Russia who offered resistance, and American dreams could not fulfill. In fact, Russia is a major obstacle in implementing the American hegemonic agenda. The Russian role in maintaining a balance in geopolitics is admired by many nations , especially small and medium-sized countries. So it is natural that Americans may not like President Putin.

It is believed that as long as Russia’s people are satisfied, no one from outside can harm President Putin.

Concert in Moscow marks 7th anniversary of reunification of Crimea with RussiaAmerican activities in Asia have increased, and attempts to encircle China and counter Russia are overgrowing. The recent diplomatic trips to Japan, South Korea are aimed at something dangerous for the region.

Secretary of Defense, a recent visit to India, is also alarming as the US and India’s defense collaboration is poised to counter China and ultimately endangering Russia. The US and India are in agreement to use each other’s military bases, extending facilitation to Americans in the region around Russia. The concept of Asian NATO is also directly threatening the whole region.

It is time to strengthen the regional alliances like SCO, BRI, etc. Russia and China are big countries and can lead the regional countries to face all external challenges unitedly. It is not only defense challenges but economic challenges too. There is a need to promote interaction and cooperation in all walks of life, including culture, education, Science, Technology & Innovation, etc. Tourism and people-to-people contacts will help bring each other closer and create economic activities and collaboration opportunities in all fields.

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