Antonio Banderas: I Cannot Imagine Life Without Art Or Music

In times of crisis, arts in all forms become the lifeline that unites people, allows artistic expression and brings hope. Even when facing the inevitable demise on a sinking Titanic, the musicians did not stop playing their music making, in some way, the inevitable less tragic.  There is no wonder that in spite of the global pandemic, we are witnessing an increased interest in art.  Today at the press conference at the Soho Caixa Theater Antonio Banderas noted that he “cannot imagine life without art or music.”

One of the most famous Malagueños, on par with the other Malagueño Picasso, Antonio Banderas is a world-famous movie star, singer, film producer, director, photographer and even a dancer. His latest project in his native Malaga, the Soho Caixa theater, witnessed an immense success in the Fall 2019 when it premiered “A Chorus line” Broadway style musical with Antonio Banderas being the star and the producer. His dancing and singing were equally impressive although he was, perhaps, the oldest dancer among the young troupe of dancers.

Banderas_3When the pandemic hit, cultural events were put to a halt and now the theater is resuming its performances, with the latest one being the Symphony Pop del Soho. Along with Antonio Banderas, the Soho theater director and creator of the orchestra project, the theater’s music director Arturo Diez Boscovich presented 35 musicians selected to participate in the Soho pop Symphony. The performances will be taking place during Holy Week, known as Semana Santa in Malaga. During Holy week in the past the city turned into the epicenter of celebrations and experienced tremendous surge in tourism, but last year was the first time when the famous Easter religious festival was canceled, including theater performances. This year, theaters and concert halls reopened their doors with reduced capacity, but nonetheless this fact brings joy and hope to audiences.

Banderas_1Music is certainly one of the art forms that helps people during challenging times. “Music determines colors, tastes in our life. Holy week brings memories of my childhood,” said Antonio Banderas in Spanish. When asked about the future of the theater, Antonio added that he “as a Malagueño is a pathological optimist” and hopes that by October the occupancy of the theater would increase.

As Soho theater prepares a new photo exhibition for the upcoming Holy week, it would be notable to point out that not too many people are aware that Antonio is not only a multifaceted actor and producer, but also a talented photographer.  In 2016 he took his photography work to Moscow, Russia for the opening of  “Women in Gold” exhibition, which featured portraits of beautiful women splashing paint in the air, face paint, colorful wigs marking the launch of his new fragrance at the time.

Banderas_2Even if the traditional celebrations are canceled due to the global pandemic, music and art remind us that we are not alone and we share universal human needs to process our emotions together and the artists, actors and musicians are becoming a mighty force of solace, joy, reflection and solidarity.

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