Challenges Of Asian NATO

The emergence of an Asian NATO is turning reality and very much visible. Although there has been no official claims on the formation of an Aian NATO, the actions taken on ground are quite indicative of the fact that the concept of the Asian NATO is already there.

The Quad virtual Summit and then-Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Defense Secretary visit to Japan and Korea and Secretary of Defense visit to India are interconnected with the Asian NATO concept.

Although the Quad is to counter Russia and contain China’s concept, the challenges are severe to the region.

Asia is the most populated part of the world, with almost 40% of the population living in China and India only. As a region, it is blessed with enormous natural resources, even Afghanistan. One of the poorest nations in this region is full of rare-earth metals, mines and minerals and boasts a largely untapped agricultural potential. Some fruits grown in Afghanistan are unique in taste, nutrition and health value. Most of Asia enjoys an excellent climate and a comfortable natural environment for human beings. Hardworking and God-gifted talent is in abundance in Asia.

President Biden Meets Virtually With Leaders Of Quad Nations
A virtual meeting with leaders of Quadrilateral Security Dialogue countries on March 12, 2021, in Washington, D.C.

The rise of China was based on its natural resources and hard work. It might have opened many avenues of developments in Asuan countries. Some developing countries and ubndersdeveloped nations are taking China as role models and enacting the Chinese development model in their own countries.

In view of the above, the US and Europe are considering Asia as their next destination. The concept of an Asian NATO—to counter China, Russia and their influence in Asia—is emerging quickly.

Senior US diplomats and officials are traveling in Europe to convince the Europeans to join an Asian NATO. The UK has already shown interest, and a few other European nations may also be convinced soon. The US president Joe Biden openly asked his European allies to gang up against China and Russia. The US alone could not face China and Russia; for that, it needs support from the allies.

President Joe Biden’s derogatory remarks regarding Russian President Putin are widely condemned, and his claims of the alleged Russian involvement in the 2020 US Presidential Elections were also instantly rejected. The aftershocks and consequences, however, may be visible in the long term.

After the Sino-US dialogue in Alaska, the Russian Foreign Minister paid an official visit to China where he had an in-depth discussion with his counterpart Mr. Wang Yi, the Foreign Minister of China, which is of high importance.

In history, it was witnessed that the US and its allies could not harm Russia and China as long as both were united. On the outset of the Cold War, the US and Allies launched a campaign against China and Russia as a communism threat but failed to harm them. Later on, differences developed between China and Russia in the 1960s. The US availed these differences and established formal diplomatic relations with China in the 1970s. Then, the US and Allies focused on Russia only and, as a result of the Cold War, concentered only on Russia during the 1980s, resulted in the former USSR’s disintegration in 1991.

Today, China-Russia are partners again, united very well against any threat from the US or its allies. It is believed that China and Russia can face external challenges and play an essential role in the whole region to provide security and stability.

The Muslim world was the victim of the US and its allies for a couple of decades. Whether it was an attack on Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan or Syria, the Muslims were victamized.  Sponsored unrest in Yemen, Tunisia, or Egypt, the Muslims were killed, tortured, injured, made homeless, forced to take refuge camps in their own countries or forced to emigrate to other countries, the Muslims were targeted.

Although some Muslim rulers are supportive of the US or Europe, they are dictators and have no say in the masses. Anti-American sentiments in the masses are present in most Muslim countries. Russia and China may explore the ways and means to strengthen ties with the Muslim world. The Muslim world is around 2 billion people, 57 countries, rich in natural resources. The Muslim world’s real potential is enormous and needs cooperation from Russia and China to exploit their natural resources.

Asian NATOIt is time for Russia and China to lead the region and secure it from external threats. Especially, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan are potentially close allies with China and Russia-led alliances. Pakistan is a pro-active member of the SCO and BRI who has already made positive contributions. However, India has already joined the American Club. Either it is Quad or opposition to the Chinese mega initiative of BRI, India is already used against China and Russia by the Americans. Although India remains in the SCO, its intentions to stay in the SCO are to spy against China and Russia.

It could be hoped that an Asian NATO, at its conceptual stage, is defeated, and the region may be rescued from any big disaster.

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