Russian Foreign Minister’s Visit To Pakistan: Strengthened Relations

The Russian Federation, Mr. Sergey Lavrov, paid an official visit to Pakistan on 6-7 April 2021. The Russian Foreign Minister held delegation-level talks with Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi. He also called on Prime Minister Imran Khan and Army Chief, as well as had cordial interaction with other dignitaries during his two-day stay in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Sergey Lavrov’s two-day tour to Pakistan is the first visit by a Russian foreign minister in nine years, part of a warming in once frosty relations. It comes as Moscow seeks to enhance its stature in the region, particularly in Afghanistan, where it has sought to pose itself as a critical player in accelerated struggles to find a peaceful end to decades of war.

“We stand ready to strengthen the anti-terrorist potential of Pakistan, including by supplying Pakistan with special military equipment,” Lavrov said, without going into detail about the equipment. He added that an agreement was also reached on conducting additional joint military exercises such as the Arabian Monsoon maritime drill.

Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi said Pakistan had “looked at our cooperation in defense and counterterrorism. We feel that we have within our framework of dialogue [involving] strategic stability and counterterrorism opportunities of interaction, and we feel we can help each other”.

On Economic relations, Russia is building a gas pipeline between Karachi and Lahore. And will also extend expertise to modernize the country’s railway system as well as its energy sector.

Lavrov said Moscow had offered delivery of liquefied natural gas to Pakistan through Russian companies Gazprom and Novatek. “Russia’s Rosatom and Pakistan’s Nuclear Energy Commission were in touch for cooperation for the use of technology for medicine and industry,” he said.

Lavrov noted that Russia had provided 50,000 vaccine doses to Pakistan and said it intended to provide 150,000 more. Russian Vaccine is well tested and found promising results in Pakistan.

Lavrov Qureshi
Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov attends a meeting with his Pakistani counterpart Shah Mehmood Qureshi in Islamabad, Pakistan, April 6, 2021

Qureshi said there was now a “new approach and a new mindset for Russia” in Pakistan because Russia was a player for stability globally. “We want to build a relationship of trust and friendship with the Russian Federation,” he said, adding that Pakistan also adhered to Russia’s principles of the centrality of the UN, the importance of international law, and multilateralism.

Qureshi, in his closing remarks, termed the visit of his Russian counterpart as “important,” adding that “It has taken place after almost a decade and we feel this visit will further deepen our bilateral relations and our friendship, and we intend to maintain this momentum in our high-level contacts.”

Meeting with PM Imran and COAS

Foreign Minister Lavrov also separately called on Prime Minister Imran Khan and Army Chief Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa later in the day. During the meeting with Prime Minister, “bilateral relations and issues of regional and global importance were discussed,” according to a statement from the Prime Minister’s Office. The premier recalled that he had underscored his desire to take the bilateral relationship between Russia and Pakistan to a new level during a meeting with President Vladimir Putin in June 2019.

“The prime minister reiterated Pakistan’s importance to its relations with Russia as a key foreign policy priority. He expressed satisfaction at the steady growth in bilateral ties, including deepening cooperation in trade, energy, security, and defense,” the statement said.

In Lavrov’s meeting with Chief of Army Staff Gen Bajwa at the General Headquarters, “matters of mutual interest including enhanced defense and security cooperation [and] regional security, particularly the Afghan Peace Process,” were discussed, the military’s media wing said.

According to the Inter-Services Public Relations statement, the Russian foreign minister acknowledged Pakistan’s achievements in the war against terrorism and contributions for regional peace and stability, saying, “Pak-Russia relations are on a positive trajectory and will continue to develop; in multiple domains.” During the meeting, Gen Bajwa said Pakistan valued its relations with Russia and reciprocated the desire for enhanced bilateral military cooperation.

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    1. samir sardana

      The Parting of Ways between Russia and India and the embrace of Russia and Pakistan are both natural forms of evolution in opposite directions at the same time

      In the Rig veda,there is a mention of Golden Haired,Wbite Eyed and White Skinned Gods.Experts concur that these were Russian Tribes.Even Bal Gangadhar Tilak had the said opinion. There was this 5000 year long cosmic union between India and Russia =-everlasting love ! That was then !

      It was the Soviet Union’s free of cost funding of India,in the Cold War – Dams,Roads,Bridges,Power Plants,Industry,and the REFUSAL OF THE INDIANS to partake in the Soviet takeover of Kabul,and support of Najibullah,WHICH LED TO THE DESTRUCTION OF THE SOVIET UNION.

      It is a canon of Indian History,that whoever helped India – was destroyed – on principles of providence,NOT causation.

      The Soviet Union was doomed NOT DUE TO THE COLD WAR,but because the USA with the Saudis,kept Oil prices in the single digits,AND the Soviets were starved of revenue,and had to fund the entire Left Block AND INDIA ,in Cash,and in Kind (by supplying free oil)

      In any case,with the dismantling the USSR,the entire military supply chain is busted and disrupted,and several items,components
      and spares.are NOT being made,any more

      That has doomed the Indian Military which relies almost completely on Soviet equipments,or Russian Technology.The Soviets dumped
      their excess,experimental and obsolete technology,on the Indians at low rates – leaving Indians with Multiple Weapons Platforms,
      No Integration,and No Spares.

      The HAL manufactured MIGs and their spares CRASH at a regular rate like the ringing bells in the temple.The 2nd hand spares of IAF Jets and Army hardware imported from Eastern Europe – also dooms the Indians.

      Besides,the PRC have the counter measures,to most Russian Platforms – which make the Indian weapon platforms,obsolete ! That is
      Y the PRC drops Indian Choppers and Sukhois at will,on the Indo-China border. (by EMP etc._

      Moreover,with India becoming the poodle of the Israelis – the formal parting with the Russians was inevitable.Russia and Israel
      are in war mode in Syria and Iraq and on quasi war mode in Iran,Lebanon and Gaza.Military technology and research,makes it a NATURAL shift for India,to become the poodles of USA and Israel.In addition,the USA is a huge export market for Indians and the USA is large source of FDI/FPI etc.

      With a Right Wing Hindoo state in India – the union with USA and Israel was inevitable.

      Iran has also learnt the hard way,the folly of relying on the Indians.It is the overweening ambition of India,which had placed the Indians in the lap of the USA.( who have maniplated the inferiority complex of the Indians and the Indian hate for Pakistan and PRC)

      The Russians might have taken the leap with the Indians,in the Crimean war – when India was vacillating ,in its true nature.Russia went into Crimea,on the request of the Russians in Crimea – and Azerbaijan did the same,and SO WILL THE PLA and Pakistanis do,
      in IOK !

      With the melting of the Arctic ice,and reduction in sea time,and sea freights on exports from Russia,several break bulk exports from Russia to India,will become LESS PROFITABLE.

      Therefore,on every coordinate,the Russia separation from India,was inevitable and desirable.

      Y are the Russians selling S400 to India ? Is it so that the US and Israel can scan it,and NEUTER THE S400,in Turkey and Iran ?

      The Natural Alliance is PRC + Russia + Pakistan + DPRK + Turkey + Iran + Syria + Possibly Brazil and some nations in Central Asia and Eastern Europe

      Russia and Pakistan have a convergence of interests across domains and geographies.

      Americans are disruptors, and Indians will not be able to Manage the Americans – politically and diplomatically,and this alliance will also fail.dindooohindoo

      The Americans will also ask the Indians to open their markets,very soon and scrap the S400 – and that will be another failed test.

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