US Has To Accept The Obscurity In Afganistan

Was Osama bin Laden really the brains behind the Nine Eleven? Until now there is no really convincing evidence. But for US, especially Bush Junior, with that pain event, somebody must be wrong and responsible, or someone must be beaten using US’s Millitary Industrial Complex machine.

US does have indications of traces of Al-Qaeda and Bin Laden in several previous bomb blasts, notably at American military bases and embassies in the Middle East or Europe. But the evidence for the nine eleven incident, however, is not at all very conclusive. That’s why the Taliban refused to hand over Osama bin Laden to US.

Before invading Afghanistan, the CIA went to the late Mullah Omar, the leader of the Taliban at that time, a person who to my knowledge was very upright and obedient, asking that Osama be handed over. Mullah Omar asked that convincing evidence be presented. “If you can prove that Osama is the mastermind behind Nine Eleven, you don’t need to catch him, I will personally hand him over to US,” Mullah Omar said.

Mullah Omar was for sure close to Washington. During the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, 1979-1989, which left Soviet unlucky, collapsed in 1989, at the end of the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, Mujahideen were the main US and Saudi partners in Afghanistan, through Pakistan. The supplies of weapons and all the necessities to fight Moscow were provided to the Mujahideen via Pakistan, of which Mullah Omar was one who received it, before he co-founded the Taliban.

Mullah Omar
Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar

This is what international defense and geopolitical researchers claim to be the origin of Sunni radicalism. While the beginning of Shia radicalism goes back to the 1979 Iranian revolution and the Iraq-Iran war that led Khomeini to legalize the blood of children who fought against Iraq. Then they were greeted by Iraqis with chemical weapons

But for Mullah Omar, friends are friends and truth is truth. Indeed that was Mullah Omar. Mullah Omar opined, if US can’t prove anything, then Osama cannot be blamed for the nine eleven incident. Then the CIA responded somewhat jubilantly, “we are a superpower country, we don’t need evidence. When we need something, we have to get it. That’s it,” CIA responsed certainly.

According to Mullah Omar, truth has parameters and measures. Islam teaches like that and he sticks to that principle, which is fairness. In one hadith in which a Jew was accused of deceiving Arabs in a joint venture, the Great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) even asked the accuser for 50 Jewish witnesses. Even about the murder accusation against one of the Jews in Medina, the Prophet finally had to pay a fine because he was unable to present convincing evidence. And that is the teaching held by Mullah Omar.

In Mullah Omar’s eyes, US was unable to prove that Osama was guilty, so Mullah Omar and the Taliban were unwilling to hand over Osama. As we have seen, US finally invaded Afghanistan, just as the Soviets invaded Afghanistan. And the Taliban was a mess, but it is still holding on to this day as it used to be, even though Mullah Omar has passed away. The problem for US is that to this day the White House has not had a creative idea of how to get out of Afghanistan completely. US is even reportedly quite traumatized by what the Soviet Union experienced, collapsing after leaving Afghanistan

After taking control of Afghanistan, on the other hand a new scenario emerged in which Donald Rumsfeld asked Paul Wolfowitz to whisper Bush Junior. The slang is something like this, “Bro, tell Bush, Iraq is another easy target. There are fields of gold, hmm, precious oil there. Find out what reason to let US get in,” Rumfeld said. The whisper turned out to work. So US finally got the reason for the weapons of mass destruction, whose the fact is not clear to this day. What was discovered by the British elite troops was only chemical weapons that Saddam had used against Iran, and even then it was confirmed that the supply was from western countries.

Although US did not get the approval of the UN security council, Saddam was finally beaten. Iraq’s Baath Party administration fell to pieces. But the result was also more painful. What was present was the civil war, Sunnis versus Shiites. The presence of US in Iraq, plus the US’s decision to deactivate thousands of Saddam’s military, then support the presence of a Shi’ite government, made Osama’s failed cadre, Al Zarkawi, get his chance, which was followed by thousands of Saddam’s troops who were fired by the US.

When Zarkawi had come a few years earlier to Osama in the mountains of Afghanistan to become a member of Al Qaeda, Osama rejected Al Zarkawi’s radical approach. Then after that, Zarkawi went solo. He was reported to have been to Iraq, looking for his own stage. And when US entered Iraq, Zarkawi got a moment to act. After Saddam fell and the Shiite government was present, bombs exploded in several locations. Initially, Al Qaeda supported Zarkawi’s bold actions. But for the last action in Samara, an important religious site for Shia Muslims, Al Qaeda refused to support, even condemned Al Zarkawi.

As a result, even the Shiites did not accept it, so there was a Shia-Sunni civil war. US’s biggest mistake was to deactivate tens of thousands of employees and soldiers from the era of Saddam Hussein (suni), and let the government rule by Shia Islam, then let Saddam hang by a court held by Iraq’s Shiite elite, which put Zarkawi into action and resulted in an endless civil war. And several years after Zarkawi was killed, Al Bagdadi appeared, who carried the same message as Al Zarkawi. That is ISIS which we know was popular several years ago, even today.

Is Saddam involved with the nine eleven? Certainly not. After all, how come it was invaded? Is Osama an Afghan? No. Then why was Afghanistan invaded by US? Osama is the son of a first-class Saudi contractor, who even helped build the installation of an American oil company in Saudi Arabia. After his parents died and Osama inherited millions of dollars, Osama felt called to help Afghanistan and the Mujahideen when invaded by the Soviet Union, even Osama was willing to take his heavy equipment to the countryside of Afghanistan to help build infrastructure in mountainous villages in there.

The reaction of the Islamic world to global geopolitical developments is indeed mixed. Because interpretations of Islamic history and verses of jihad also differ. If we reflect on the Prophet’s practice while at war, apart from children, the elderly, and trees, a house of worship is a place that is strictly forbidden by the Prophet to be disturbed, let alone damaged, a place of worship of any religion. Those are the rules of the game when at war. And even having to fight must be under the precondition of being “fought (oppressed).”

This kind of belief is held by almost all moderate Muslim organizations and countries in the world, but with geopolitical conditions that tend to be less favorable for some Islamic countries, of course there will be other interpretations that are more radical than the official interpretation adopted. This radical belief is ingrained in non-state groups that US and its allies are very afraid of, because at certain points they can influence countries that are geopolitically and geoeconomically disadvantaged by US foreign policy. Even like in Libya, Syria and Iran, this group want to control the country

In fact today, that is the situation US is facing in Afghanistan dan Libya. US is struggling to find a convincing point to get out of Afghanistan, but it is still no good option left. In 2015, several years after Osama was executed, Obama promised to leave Afghanistan soon, but he didn’t. Donald Trump is no different, by promising the same thing to the American , in fact it was the same. Now Joe Biden looks confused.

Taliban fighters attend a gathering to celebrate the U.S.-Taliban deal in March 2020

Biden said the U.S. military could not withdraw from Afghanistan by May 1 because of “tactical reasons,” but that the troops will eventually leave. “It’s not my intention to stay there for a long time,” the president continued, “the question is how and under what circumstances.”

He did not explain what those circumstances might be or when he would announce a firm date. That should trouble every American. We’ve seen such claims before. Meanwhile, Russia has also started to play in Afghanistan, by hosting meetings for peace between the Afghan government and the Taliban. Russian involvement could culminate as in Syria, where the role of US was marginalized, but did not find the right point of exit. China too, is reported to have made contact with the Taliban.

And nicely written by Mr MK Bhadrakumar, US is now trying to use Turkey to tackle the Afghan problem. Turkey is a NATO member who wants to start new intimacy with other NATO members, especially US in the case of Afghanistan. But in one hand, this NATO flag will actually become a new problem in Afghanistan, especially with Russia. In another hand, it seems that the Taliban is less interested in US’s Turkey strategy. For Taliban, if the US does not intend to leave Afghanistan on May 1, an offer from Russia or China is no less attractive now

So, as I said at the beginning of my writing, US started with obscurity in Afghanistan, and now US has to accept the uncertainty there too.

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  1. Patrick Ludwig

    PLEASE state source when citing hadith. Otherwise, anything can be claimed.
    There are trustworthy (arabic: sahih) Hadith collections and and transmission chains (Sahih Bukhari, Sunan Abu Dawud) and less trustworthy ones (i.e. many related by Abu Huraira).

    ” In one hadith in which a Jew was accused of deceiving Arabs in a joint venture, the Great Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) even asked the accuser for 50 Jewish witnesses. Even about the murder accusation against one of the Jews in Medina, the Prophet finally had to pay a fine because he was unable to present convincing evidence. “

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