Pakistan’s UN Contributions

Pakistan is a country with a 220 million population. Due to its enormous natural resources and strategic location, it is also a pivotal state in geopolitics. The people of Pakistan are diverse in nature and opinions but one of the most diligent and resilient people. Pakistan has passed many ups and downs in its Seven Decades of history. Genetically, the People of Pakistan are peace-loving in nature and promote love and peace.

Pakistan became a member of the United Nations on 30 September 1947, just one and half months after getting independence from the British Empire.  Subsequently joined all its subordinate organizations and almost all international platforms. Pakistan’s role was always to promote harmony, understanding, peace, and stability around the globe, and firmly believes in the UN Charter and abide by the UN resolutions. Pakistan believes in solutions to all disputes and differences through diplomatic and political channels under UN auspices amicably. Pakistan is against the use of force, aggression, killings, or coercion at all. Pakistan believes in the supremacy of the UN and supports strengthening the UN to perform all its prescribed functions and achieve its goals and objectives.

United Nations (UN) peacekeeping missions involving Pakistan covers about 70 tasks throughout diverse parts of the world. The Pakistan Armed Forces are the third-largest contributor of troops towards UN peacekeeping efforts and have suffered 157 fatalities in total.

Pakistan in UN peacekeeping
Pakistan’s first UN peacekeeping mission began in 1960 in Congo

Pakistan joins the international community in celebrating the “International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers.” As one of the top troop-contributing countries, Pakistan profoundly values the vital role of “blue helmets” in maintaining security and stability in numerous conflict-ridden areas worldwide. We salute the services and sacrifices rendered by UN peacekeepers and reiterate our commitment to continue working with the United Nations to advance the collective ideals of peace, stability, and cooperation.

Pakistan is proud of its long-standing and consistent contributions to UN peacekeeping, covering over six decades. Since 1960, over 200,000 servicemen have served with honour and courage in 46 UN missions in 26 countries on almost all world continents. Our peacekeepers always have eminent and distinguished themselves in every mission where they have participated through their professionalism and dedication. One hundred and fifty-seven of our bravest peacekeepers have made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty for the cause of international peace and security.

Pakistan has also led the way in deputing female peacekeepers in record time. In 2019, Pakistan already met the 15 per cent benchmark set by the UN Secretariat in the staff/ officers category. Currently, a team of highly qualified and professional officers is serving as the first all-female group from Pakistan in a UN peacekeeping mission, deployed in the Democratic Republic of Congo, providing a range of resources to the region, including psychologists, stress counsellors, vocational training officers, gender advisors, doctors, nurses, operations officers, information officers, and logistics officers.

Our contribution to peacekeeping on the ground has been complemented by our active involvement at the level of policy formulation in various UN bodies. Pakistan brings a unique perspective to peacekeeping, not only as a top troop-contributing country but also as the host to one of the oldest peacekeeping missions in the world – the UN Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP).

Pakistan has a stated policy that it is a partner in any initiative promoting peace. It is ready to play its positive role in bringing and maintaining peace, harmony, resolving disputes and difference through poltical and diplomatic channels under the UN charter, in any part of the globe at any time. Pakistan avoids any conflict, war, or disputes with any country or nation. Pakistan does not support any country or nation in case of war against any other government or nation.  Pakistan always raises its voice for peace and justice and stood with the oppressed and victims. Once again, Pakistan reaffirms its commitment to ensuring that peacekeeping remains an effective mechanism for maintaining peace, security, and stability in the world.

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  1. samir sardana

    The Pakistani Elite and Intelligentsia love to ridicule their Military as it is perceived as the ONLY existential threat to the ELITE.

    The Pakistani People are ALSO not assessing the worth of their Military.Besides being a source of pride,and a pincer of Islamic Prophecies,it is a limitless reservoir,of highly specialised skills and talents.

    Besides generic jargons,regarding of management and administrative skills,which initiated from the Military itself – right from the time of the Pharoahs – the Pakistani Military has some rare skills,epsecially in the current context of the world.dindooohindoo

    The Pakistani Military skills of Strategic and Operational Planning,and the integration of varied technologies/platforms/thought processes,as well as,identification of synergies in operations – can yield exponential gains,to the Pakistan Industry,and the Pakistan Government.

    Thereafter comes in,the skills of the Pakistani Military,in the flawless execution of the above.

    The Coups

    After an epicycle of a decade or so,a Military intervention is required in the nation,so that the Nation can take quantum leaps into the future,by taking hard and critical decisions, for the nation – such as large infrastructure (Dams and N-power),Asset Seizures, Land Redistribution,Abolition of Landless Farmers,Nationalisation etc.No Politcal Party can take these steps,as their party members would be severely impacted by the same – and also,since they raise funds from these sources.

    The Pakistan Military – Indispensable

    In addition,since the Pakistani Military,is at the cutting edge of AI,Nano,Robotics and Technology – the Way Forward for Pakistan,in identifying the economic,industrial,service sector,Education and agri strategy and policies,to be made by the Pakistani state,for the future – CAN BE CONCEPTUALISED AND EXECUTED THE BEST, ONLY BY THE PAKISTANI MILITARY

    The advantage of the Political Interface,of the Pakistani Military – provides an Alt-Reality to the “Cocooned and Marooned” Military lifestyle of Armies,of Banana Bania Republics, Like India.This Al-Reality,leads to Alternative Processes of Thought – which lead to intellectual and ideological evolution – and which, in turn,leads to military and geo-political success

    So what the World saw in the PAF Air Raid on the IAF and Indian Army in 2019 – was that Process of Thought in Action.

    The Indians

    The Indian Military is an utter and abject failure in Integration,Planning and Identification of Synergies.It has incompatible platforms and technologies,and Indians have a hollow cranium.Any Solution derived by the Indians,is thus,sub optimal and bogus. Perfection is thus,neither an ideal or an achievable goal for the Indians – and thus,they are far away from the cusp of Zeno’s Paradox.

    That is Y they shot down their own Chopper in Bugdam,as the radar clutter by Pakistani EW units,blinded and muted,the Indian Nincompoops.This was on the Indian Side of the border, and IT WAS A NO WAR SITUATION. What will be the PRC do,to these clowns ?

    DNA – The Indian Context

    The Indian caste system and society,represents a fatalistic,pathetic and despondent triangle of gloom and misery, for 100s of millions of Indian Destitutes.This virus had permeated every section of its society,and its polity.On Dialectial principles, the anti-thesis of this gutter of evil, manifested in a classless cult – with no bar on age,sex, class,creed,religion,idelogy,philosphy,caste – OSTENSIBLY lies, in the Dubious Indian Military.

    The Philosophy is the same – the mechanics differ. The values that are ABSENT in society,are seen by A DIVINE CONGRUENCE OF INTERESTS, in OTHERS, and then, EXALTED TO A DIVINE STATUS – like an unreachable paradox.

    Of Course, such exaltations of the military,are also a menial method,to vent the impotence and frustrations,of the people

    At the end of the day,The So called Humans with So called sentience,are ROBOTS – and ROBOTS love to watch ROBOTS IN MOTION – which is the INDIAN MILITARY – which is Y you will see Indian TRANSFIXED TO THE TV SCREEN – WATCHING THEIR MILITARY PARADES !


    Once HUMANS ARE RATIONALISED, there will be no need for a military

    It is all EVOLUTION.The Indian Clowns are still praying to the monkey gods,of 3000 BC ! They treat this as a sign of a Priori Transcendental Truth – which never changes – and this captures the hollow cranium and brain,of the Indians.The Change of Heraclitus,never touched the Indian.They are doomed by definition,history and geography.

    Contrast – Pakistan – From Pagan wprship,Babylonian.Assyrian Influences,Hindooism, Atheism, Budddhism and then,Islam……and hen a separate nation and then the Fission Fusion Bomb (which no ARAB or Turkic nation has !)

    This is EVOLUTION.That is Y nations with the OLEST civilisations,are all in RUINS (like India) – except those,which EVOLVED like PRC – evolved from Buddhism to Confucius and then to Atheism and then to Communism.

  2. Nanette Ward

    … somebody hasn’t got laid recently. 🤨

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