President Joe Bidden On His First Foreign Trip After Taking Oath

President Joe Biden, 78-years old, a long time politician and part of several administrations under various Presidents. It was expected that being a mature politician and having a long association with global affairs; he will be proved a better president for Americans and as well as for international peace. He spent half a year in his office to streamline internal administration and then decided to travel abroad to project “America is back.” His approach is entirely opposite to his predecessor, President Trump; he wanted to revive his old alliance and reinforce his power to counter China and Russia. His immediate task is to convince his allies, who were humiliated and offended by President Trump.

President Joe Biden opened the first overseas trip of his term Wednesday to declare that “the United States is back” as he seeks to reassert the nation on the world stage and steady European allies deeply shaken by his predecessor.

Biden has set the stakes for his eight-day trip in sweeping terms, believing the West must publicly demonstrate it can compete economically with China as the world emerges from the coronavirus pandemic. It is an open repudiation of his predecessor, Donald Trump, who scorned alliances and withdrew from a global climate change agreement that Biden has since rejoined.

The BidensAfter touching down in the United Kingdom, at Royal Air Force Base Milden hall, Biden delivered a fiery speech to American service members stationed there, telling them he was going to Geneva “to meet with Mister Putin to let him know what I want him to know.” To address the American Servicemen, being first activity of his foreign trip, the message is clear that he is mobilizing military might against China and Russia.

After attending G-7 meetings in the UK, he will travel to Brussels on 13 June 2021 to meet NATO leaders, which is also a signal to China and Russia. He is also scheduled to meeting with the president of Turkey, Tayyip Erdogan.

On 15 June, he flew to Geneva and was scheduled to meet face to face with President Putin on 16 June 2021.

The two Presidents, Putin and Joe Bidden know each other for a long and have met many times in the past but in different capacities. This meeting in the capacity of President of Russia and President of America carries another significance. Although both leaders have different Chemistry and President Joe Biden has openly expressed his views about President Putin, like a man with “no soul,” “a Killer,” etc. However, President Joe Biden is a sensible person but used a language, which does not match his status and totally against the diplomatic antiquates and civilized manners. However, in return, President Putin wished his good health!!!

Although his trip is to attend the G-7 summit, it is very much evident that his trip is to seek anti-China, and anti-Russia support. He is aligning his position with allies to counter China and Russia. It is well understood that the US alone cannot face China or Russia.

However, there is thinking in American scholars and intellectuals that the US may not simultaneously confront China and Russia. So they wanted to apart the China-Russia alliance and conform one by one in isolation. President Joe may offer lucrative incentives to Russia, such as the removal of sanctions, economic assistance, political discounts, concessions, etc.

It happened in the past that the US, with its alliances, made all possible efforts to counter the Communist threat (Russia plus China) in the 1950s and 1960s but failed totally. Then they extended hands of friendship with China by establishing formal diplomatic relations in 1971 and isolated Russia. Countering Russia alone in isolation was much more convenient for them, and they were able to disintegrate the former USSR in 1991. They might try to repeat the same approach this time and try to attract Russia with heavy incentives and isolate China. It might be possible to counter China alone in isolation.

Will Russia trust America? Will President Putin buy President Joe Biden’s tactics? Russia and China both are beneficiaries of mutual relations, will President Joe Biden offered a much more lucrative offer or irresistible incentives? Will Russia afford to sever its association with China, who is the next-door neighbor? Many more similar questions may arise in the minds of many people. Let’s wait and see what will happen on 16 June during their meeting.

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  1. The US will not be able to drive a wedge between Russia and China, nor should it try to do that even if it could. Because the industrialized world must unite against Jihadism in the less developed world. Infidels must unite, or political Islam will succeed.

    There is some fundamentalism in the more developed world, but a lot of that is motivated by self-protection. Rich sheiks would pay protection money to terrorists, to get them to attack others first. But those days are drawing to a close.

    Externally enforced faith, is the destroyer of the modern world. Faith should be directed inward, to achieve personal improvement but not try to rule others or the world.

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