Is America Back?

Under President Donald Trump, Washington seriously challenged or outright withdrew from more than a dozen international agreements or institutions, including the Paris climate accord, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the Iran nuclear deal, and the World Health Organization etc. Due to his rough language, he has offended some close allies and created a gap among NATO members. His approach, America First, has not been welcomed by the rest of the world. He initiated a Trade war with China and launched a narrative war against China. The US image as a global leader was damaged and deteriorated.

However, President Joe Biden, with a different approach, announced America is back. He believed in the strength of his allies and wanted to bring them back. His first foreign trip to UK to attend G-7 Summit, then to Belgium to meet NATO leaders and to Switzerland to meet President Putin, was aimed to gang up against Russia and China.

President Joe was part of several US administration positions under different presidents and was part of significant policies and significant decisions. He believes in the cold war, and his mentality has been visible from his recent statements, actions and policies.

Since the end of WWII in 1945, the US was posing a global leader, but it will sustain such role, is a question mark. First of all, the internal deterioration and the rapidly changing geoplotics may impact future American international affairs. As demonstrated during the clashes at the US Capitol on January 6 this year, America’s internal divisions have been an International concern community. The racism “Balck Lives” is a big issue and may require appropriate measures. The detteroration of the economy, poor job market, lethargy prevailing in society are the inheritance from President Trump. Even people do not believe American Democracy and the US are losing their credibility. Over engagement in overseas military actions and maintain too many military bases may not be feasible anymore. Humiliation facing in withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, etc., will define America’s future. As a matter of fact, President Trump has harmed America so much that it might take several decades to rectify the mess.

America backIn addition to internal factors, the rise of China and the revival of Russia has put America under pressure. In the last three decades, after the disintegration of the former USSR in 1991, the world changed into a unipolar world, and the US became a unique superpower. The Americans do not realize emerging geopolitics and want to continue to act as the only superpower.

President Joe Biden Administration may need to re-access the emerging world and think rationally in the context of  Russia and China. The whole of the Muslim world is annoyed with America. The US is responsible for killing millions of Muslims in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, etc. The reaction from the Muslim world is natural. On the surface, some dictators in the Muslim world may stand with the US, but public opinion is visibility anti-America.

During his meeting with President Putin, he threatened with “devastating” consequences should Alexei Navalny, leader of Russia’s banned opposition, die in jail. He also asserted to retaliate against future Russian cyberattacks following SolarWind’s deep penetration of US government systems last year. However, the two agreed to establish a nuclear working group and another on cybersecurity, which some see as today’s comparable of cold war arms talks. The latter process is likely to be perforated with distrust — Russia, or groups the US believes to be connected to Russia, has visited significant disruption on the US at a meager cost.

It can be his slogan to please Americans, but on the ground, “America is back” is not supported by Europe, and alone, it is impossible to be back. Europe has deep interests with Russia and China in terms of energy, trade, and investment. Russia is the source of energy (gas), and China is the biggest investor and trading partner with the EU. Today’s America is not capable of fighting against COVID-19, imagine! With all missiles, nukes, aircraft carerriers, etc., a superpower was out of toilet papers, face masks, testing kits, ventilators, etc., and became the worst-hit country in the world. Let America settle its internal issues before embarking on the international stage. The best option is to cooperate with the rest of the world, respect others, treat others equally, no more bullying, no more heagemony. America is back, too long away!

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