India: Zika Virus May Impact Adversely

Authorities in India’s southern Kerala state have issued a statewide serious alert after a case of the Zika virus was confirmed, officials said. A further 13 suspected cases were being investigated, state’s Health Minister Veena George said on Friday. A 24-year-old pregnant woman was found to be infected with the mosquito-borne disease and was undergoing treatment at a hospital in Thiruvananthapuram city. Samples from the 13 suspected cases have been sent for further investigation to a lab in Pune, the Kerala minister added.

Pregnant women are particularly vulnerable and can transmit the infection to their newborns which can result in life-altering conditions such as Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare auto-immune disease. It can also cause birth defects such as microcephaly, which causes babies to be born with a smaller head due to abnormalities in brain development. Zika is mostly spread through the bite of the Aedes mosquito but can also be sexually transmitted, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The virus was first discovered in monkeys in Uganda’s Zika Forest in 1947 and has caused several outbreaks across the world in recent decades.

India is a hard hit country by COVID-19 and becomes the second-largest nation just after the US. The total number of cases: 30,904,734, and the death toll reached 409,338. But these are the official figures only. Local people describing the actual figures are much higher, to estimated figures may be as much as ten times. The Indian government has imposed censorship on media and prevent it to reflect the actual situation. Government-sponsored RSS gangsters attacks on media outlets reporting ground situation. RSS is involved in attacking people, properties and the government facilitates them. The government has passed legislation that anybody violating government censorship and reporting facts, will lose his or her property. The government confiscates their assets and properties to hide the actual situation. The Indian government is losing face and credibility so they are using all ugly tactics to hide facts.

The public is in severe panic as the government is helpless. The hospitals are full, ventilators are short, Oxygen is missing, no capacity to handle the dead bodies. Indian Vaccine has been rejected by many countries and proved defective. Many nations refused to use Indian manufactured vaccines and even inside India, people are reluctant to use their vaccine.

Zika Virus in IndiaAs witnessed during the last two waves of coronavirus infections, Maharashtra has been the epicenter of the Covid-19 infections, a highly populated and congested state in India. Being an economic hub, the impact is multiplied many folds.

Indian mistreatment of minorities and biased approach toward healthcare of minorities has also impacted adversely. The extremist policies of the Modi government have refused to admit or treat minorities including Untouchables, Dalits, Muslims, and Christians.

In the initial days of the outbreak of COVID-19, India joined a campaign launched by President Trump to blame China for the outbreak and termed it as China-Virus, Wuhan-Virus, CPC-Virus, etc. But Indian credibility was multiplied by zero, contrarily, Coronavirus New Variant Delta Plus, Kappa, Beta, Alpha Symptoms all are Indian origin and more contagious more fatal. Indian variant has been detected in 92 countries and new waves are predicted worldwide.

The worst hit-country by the Indian variety are the UK, Bangladesh, Nepal, UAE. Etc. All these countries are a victim of Indian variant and have canceled flights and implementing a complete travel ban with India. Many other countries are also implementing a travel ban with India as a preventive measure.

Hindu religion and Indian culture is also a major cause of worsening the situation. In the Hindu religion, Cow is sacred and they worship it. Even, they eat cow shit and drink cow Urine. The extremist Hindus are propagating that Cow shit and Cow Urine as a cure for COVID-19. In the Hindu religion, eating cow meat (Beef) is prohibited. While eating cow shit and drinking cow urine is encouraged and considered blessings. The whole world is eating cow meat (Beef) and drinking cow milk, but Hinduism is an extremely different religion.

The impartial and bias media in the West was projecting India as a rapidly developing economy and preparing India to compete with China, counter China and resist the rise of China. But the Pandemic has exposed India completely. India has no capacity, nor resources to compare with China. Western propaganda has proved false.

However, it is believed that the COVID-19 is a huge challenge to humanity and it is so severe that no single country can face it alone. Even, the self-proclaimed superpower, the US could not overcome it and became the worst-hit country. It is a challenge to the whole of humanity. It required collective efforts to overcome it. Lets, all nations, all individuals, irrespective of race, religion, ethnicity, may struggle to suppress the Pandemic.

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