Defeated Troops Are Leaving Afghanistan In Hurry

The foreign troops are in hurry to leave Afghanistan and expected to complete their withdrawal within a week. The US administration under President Trump concluded that the Afghan war is unwinnable. The longer they will stay in Afghanistan, the more damage will happen to the US. Two-decades war has cost America trillions of dollars, and thousands of human lives. War crimes in Afghanistan have damaged American reputation and violation of human rights has defamed America.

With this scenario, the US approached Pakistan and sought help to bring the Taliban to the negotiating table. Pakistan was asked for a limited task, and Pakistan did it very well. The US administration has acknowledged it and appreciated it on several occasions. The International community was also well aware of Pakistan’s positive role and recognized it publically. 

Pakistan was not part of the Doha negotiation, but the agreement reached between the Taliban and the US was reached in February 2020, under which the US troops were scheduled to eve Afghanistan before May 2021. Pakistan was again approached for safe exit and face-saving. Pakistan as usual cooperated very well and got admiration for its positive role. However, Joe Biden-Administration delayed the troop’s withdrawal and announce the deadline till 11 September 2021. 

Reasons best known to the US, the troop’s withdrawal witnessed at a much faster pace and expected to be completed within a week time. However, the withdrawal is limited to regular armed forces only. There will be around 18,000 defense contractors stationed in Afghanistan behind and supported by American forces on a need basis. 

US troops leaving Afghanistan
A U.S. flag is lowered as American and Afghan soldiers attend a handover ceremony from the U.S. Army to the Afghan National Army, at Camp Anthonic, in Helmand province, southern Afghanistan, May 2, 2021.

It is beyond understanding that the after withdrawal of troops what will be the purpose and function of defense contractors and why the US forces will support them, and how the US forces will assist them? That is why, the US is seeking military bases in the near vicinity of Afghanistan so that even after withdrawal, the American interference in Afghanistan can be extended beyond. However, all the neighboring countries having a direct border with Afghanistan has refused already. Especially, Pakistan is under severe pressure from America. After all attempts and pressures from the US, Pakistan insisted to refuse to grant any military basis, the US is annoyed and has warned and threatened Pakistan. 

The immediate reaction revealed in FATF’s decision to keep Pakistan in the grey list, although, Pakistan has full-filled 26 points out of 27 and performance of Pakistan is much better than many other countries, yet, as a punishment, Pakistan is kept in the grey list. IMF has squeezed Pakistan further and imposed strict conditions. The US is exerting pressure on Pakistan from oil-rich Gulf countries. 

India as a “Major Defense Partner” is also being used to coerce Pakistan. The US, India, and Israel – trica are using Afghanistan to launch terrorism in Pakistan and recently notice a sharp increase of terrorist attacks inside Pakistan, linking to foreign hands. 

The defense contractor remaining in Afghanistan are tasked to promote civil war in Afghanistan and promoting terrorism in Pakistan. The defense contractor has deep interaction in Afghan society and is funded generously for all types of evils. They are well trained, well equipped, and with an abundance of money, may prove more dangerous than the regular troops. 

One objective of seeking military bases was to help the defense contractor in sabotage, conspiracies, and terrorism, not only in Afghanistan but to a much broader scope covering Iran, China, Central Asia, and Russia, as a whole region. 

After refusal from Pakistan and all neighbors of Afghanistan, the US is left with other options than India. Although India has no direct border with Afghanistan, the US is promoting unrest in China. The US is aimed to spread unrest in Xinjiang and Tibet or other parts of China and using Indian bases.

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