Lavrov Is A Gentleman Who’d Never Disrespect A Lady, Even A Rude & Undiplomatic One

Observers should always remember how gentlemanly Lavrov is even if some of those from the Alt-Media Community fantasize about him and his government aggressively mistreating their Western counterparts for political reasons.

The Western Mainstream Media (MSM) once again spread fake news about Russia by claiming that Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov walked out on his British counterpart Liz Truss during their press conference. They propagated an image of her standing alone at the podium while claiming that Lavrov “stormed off” following irreconcilable disagreements over their respective countries’ positions towards the undeclared USprovoked missile crisis in Europe. The Russian Embassy in London promptly corrected this false perception by clarifying that their Foreign Minister was simply closer to the doors at the end of the event and walked over there first to open the door for his counterpart.

The false narrative that was weaponized by hostile media forces against Russia was meant to misportray its top diplomat as having very bad manners as part of the West’s latest attempt to malign the Eurasian Great Power. The fact of the matter is that Lavrov is a gentleman who’d never disrespect a lady, even a rude and undiplomatic one like Truss. By all accounts, both reported ones and as visibly evidenced during their press conference, she was obsessed with repeating anti-Russian talking points. The British Foreign Minister very clearly didn’t come to Moscow to engage in real diplomacy but as part of a photo-op possibly designed to improve her future political prospects at home.

Russia's Foreign Minister Lavrov and UK Foreign Secretary Truss meet in Moscow
UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov

That was certainly regrettable but nevertheless unsurprising since the UK has played an antagonistic role all throughout the current crisis in support of its American ally, so much so that the two can nowadays accurately be described as constituting an Anglo-American Axis hellbent on destabilizing Eurasia. This contrasts with the positive outcome of French President Emmanuel Macron’s visit to the Russian capital earlier in the week which most observers assessed as a step in the right direction even if it wasn’t the game-changing one that he himself later claimed. That event, however, was also marred by the MSM’s fake news too.

They groundlessly speculated that the long table at which the French leader was seated was supposedly some sort of subtle signal from the Kremlin meant to imply that relations between the two were far from close. Sources close to Macron, however, told Reuters that it was actually COVID-connected protocol implemented after he refused to take a Russian PCR test. Anyone who follows President Putin’s diplomacy with world leaders would have known that the table wasn’t some sort of clever slight against his counterpart since Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi was seated at exactly the same one per photos from the official Kremlin website in spite of his country being much closer with Russia than France is.

Nevertheless, it’s also intriguing that President Putin chummed it up real closely with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett as recently as late October, which was once again proven by photos from the official Kremlin website of the two shaking hands on several occasions and even standing right next to one another while chatting near the Sochi seaside. It can’t be known for sure but it might be the case that the Iranian leader also refused to follow the Kremlin’s COVID-connected protocol while the “Israeli” one might have happily obliged considering how committed his government is to vaccination and the like. In any case, the point is that the Western MSM selectively chooses what optics to politicize.

Returning to the topic of this analysis, observers should always remember how gentlemanly Lavrov is even if some of those from the Alt-Media Community (AMC) fantasize about him and his government aggressively mistreating their Western counterparts for political reasons. There are no reasons to suspect that they’d ever do such a thing even to someone as rude and undiplomatic as Truss. In fact, the day that the Western MSM circulated their fake news about Lavrov and Truss coincidentally happened to be Diplomatic Workers’ Day in Russia, suggesting that they had yet another ulterior motive to malign the Eurasian Great Power on the exact same day that it celebrated its diplomats’ world-class professionalism.

Source: One World

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  1. Patrick B. Ludwig

    Even if Sergej Lavrov had walked away – which I am sure he did not, he has old fashioned good Russian manners – why the fuss?
    The Brits should be used to bad manners! We all remember Joe Biden – POTUS – literally farting into the future Queen Consort’s – Lady Camilla’s – face.

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