Month: February 2023

Exploring Islam

Exploring Islam

I would like you all to meet a young woman, raised a devout Roman Catholic, who converted to Islam.  Her online story reads in part as follows: “I’m one of the many western converts out there…I grew up in a very traditional orthodox Christian household.  My family was going to […]

Putin met security officials

Doval Creates Synergy In India-Russia Ties

The scheduled visit of National Security Advisor Ajit Doval to Moscow on February 7-9 was in connection with the multilateral consultations of the secretaries of security councils and national security advisors regarding Afghanistan hosted by the Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev. However, it was Doval’s meeting with President Vladimir Putin that […]

Michel and Zelensky

The Defeat Of Ukraine Is Becoming Clearer

It is an open secret: the government of Kiyv is losing militarily to the Russian army. The latter is advancing without hurrying and is building the defense of the regions that joined Moscow by referendum. But this inexorable reality hides others. For example, the fact that Turkey, still a member of NATO, supports Russia and provides it with spare parts for its army. Not only is the Atlantic Alliance losing, but it is cracking.