Author: Andrew KORYBKO


The Zangezur Corridor Is The ECO’s Most Strategic Project

To oppose the Zangezur Corridor is to oppose China and Russia’s multipolar vision. It also suggests that one has fallen for self-interested forces’ fake news campaigns against this multilaterally beneficial project. The Economic Cooperation Organization (ECO) has the chance to breathe new life into this unperforming but nevertheless immensely promising […]


The Truth Behind Eastern Europe’s Migrant Crisis

These deeper strategic dimensions show just how complicated the Eastern European Migrant Crisis is. Eastern Europe’s Migrant Crisis has taken the continent by storm and unexpectedly become its top security concern. Poland accuses Belarus of waging “hybrid warfare” through “Weapons of Mass Migration” as an asymmetrical response to the West’s […]


Metaverse Or Matrix?

Critics aren’t wrong when comparing the metaverse to the matrix. In fact, it’s arguably worse because those in the matrix weren’t preconditioned to accept their servitude but were simply grown in vats by machines without any choice about whether or not to participate in their alt-reality. What’s happening in real […]