Author: Eric ZUESSE

NATO in panic

NATO Panics, Escalates Big Arms To Ukraine; U.S. ‘Will Increase Artillery Production Sixfold’; Brian Berletic: Only MICs Gain From All This

On January 20th, the great American military and geostrategic analyst Brian Berletic, who has had a stunningly high percentage of his predictions turning out to have been 100% accurate, did a youtube at his “The New Atlas” Website, headlining “US, Allies Send More Weapons to Ukraine in Absence of Real […]


International-News Summary

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How Evil Are The West’s Leaders?

They are NOT democrats, but are instead the worst sort of liars, who are endangering the entire world. This is referring to the leaders of the U.S. and of its allied countries — they say that they are “democrats,” in order to claim a ‘justification’ to continue and expand NATO […]

Anti-Russian Sanctions

The Evidence On Whether The Anti-Russian Sanctions Are Succeeding: Highlights From Putin’s Year-in-Review’s ‘Meeting On Economic Issues’ And Evidence Confirming This In The International Exchange-Rate Data

Given that The West’s sanctions against Russia are intended to harm Russia’s economy, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s January 17th year-in-review “Meeting on economic issues” is the first credible major indication (other than the international exchange-rates of the various national currencies, which will be discussed at the end here) regarding the […]

Putin Munich speech

When Putin Finally Gave Up On The West

Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin, first took office at the very start of the 21st Century, when he hoped and intended for there to emerge a real partnership between Russia and the rest of The West. He then interpreted The West (U.S.-and-allied countries) to be motivated by basically benign intentions, which […]