Ship Fortuna

Germany Draws Another Line In The Sand For The US

Exactly a week after the announcement on December 30 regarding European Union’s long-sought comprehensive investment agreement with China, the Danish Energy Agency received an innocuous revised schedule from Nord Stream 2 AG for the construction of the gas pipeline in the kingdom’s exclusive economic zone. The DEA was notified that […]

NATO headquaters

NATO Puzzle

No one challenged NATO rules during the Cold War except France. But in view of its excesses since 2001, each of its members (except Turkey) is thinking of getting out of it, including the United States for whom it is nevertheless indispensable. The internal report on what it should become illustrates its contradictions and the difficulty of reforming it.

Signing ceremony

The Sino-Russian Alliance Comes Of Age (II)

“I look for the land of the Poles that is lost to the Germans, for the moment at least. Nowadays the Germans have started searching for Poland with credits, Leicas, and compasses, with radar, divining rods, delegations, and moth-eaten provincial students’ associations in costume. Some carry Chopin in their hearts, […]