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The Ukraine War And The “Good” Refugee

“These people are not people we are used to… these people are Europeans.” Kiril Petkov, Bulgarian Prime Minister, Associated Press, March 1, 2022 In the history of accepting refugees, countries have shown more than an erratic streak.  Universal human characteristics have often been overlooked in favour of the particular: race, […]

Ukrainian refugees

We’re Europeans, Christians, Whites!

Racist Ukraine coverage in mainstream Western media. Notice the racist overtones. 1. BBC “It’s very emotional for me because I see European people with blue eyes and blonde hair being killed” – Ukraine’s Deputy Chief Prosecutor, David Sakvarelidze 2. CBS News “This isn’t Iraq or Afghanistan…This is a relatively civilised, […]

Russia's Foreign Minister Lavrov and UK Foreign Secretary Truss meet in Moscow

Lavrov Is A Gentleman Who’d Never Disrespect A Lady, Even A Rude & Undiplomatic One

Observers should always remember how gentlemanly Lavrov is even if some of those from the Alt-Media Community fantasize about him and his government aggressively mistreating their Western counterparts for political reasons. The Western Mainstream Media (MSM) once again spread fake news about Russia by claiming that Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov […]

Washington And London Try To Preserve Their Domination Over Europe

Today, the best kept secrets are quickly revealed. They do not spread for all that. However, the confidential letters from the United States and NATO to Russia have leaked and have been widely read. While the front stage is dominated by Nato’s bootstraps, the Western backstage is the scene of feverish organization of allied surveillance networks by their American and British overlords. For Washington and London are convinced that Russia will not attack them, but will try to divert their allies.


How U.S.-&-Allied ‘News’-Media Fabricate ‘Reality’

On February 3rd, America’s National Public Radio (NPR) headlined “Uyghur kids recall physical and mental torment at Chinese boarding schools in Xinjiang” and reported that Uyghurs “have reported being forced to work in factories during their detention”. That phrase “forced to work” links (in their own transcript of their ‘news’-report), […]

Cecil Rhodes

The Origin Of Neoconservatism

Neoconservatism (advocacy of control over the entire planet by America’s Government — i.e., of a universal American empire or “hegemony”) was first stated in 1877, by the British empire’s colonialist Cecil Rhodes (founder of Rhodesia and of South Africa as British colonies) when he wrote the first draft of his […]

Washington And London, Deafened

The United States has finally responded to the Russian proposal for a Treaty guaranteeing peace, but it is to refuse to debate the Kremlin’s arguments. At the same time they have organized a vast communication campaign accusing Russia of preparing an invasion of Ukraine in February. This was firmly denied by Kiev. A mixture of hysteria and confusion is spreading within NATO, which London is taking advantage of to awaken the stay behind networks. Meanwhile, the Sino-Russian axis is strengthening.