The “free” frightened media of Ukraine

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko stated at a press conference a while back that “the level of freedom we have now … is unprecedented.  Never in the history of Ukraine we had so much freedom … in regard to journalists … in regard to public figures …” President Poroshenko must either […]

The Great War For Civilization: The Reasoning

There might be several reasoning for the forthcoming Great War but the current one focusses on Iran which continues to defy the American-Israeli interest for global supremacy and its geostrategic imperatives. Those are well documented in several books. From the beginning of the human race we find lessons of kings […]

Serbia And Poland: Alt-Media’s Biggest Reversal?

Recent developments in Serbia and Poland have prompted many in the Alt-Media Community to rethink their attitude towards each respective government. Serbian Surprise Governments don’t always represent the people, and nowhere is this clearer nowadays than in Serbia. Pro-Western Prime Minister-turned-President Alexander Vucic just appointed an openly gay Croatian woman […]