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Intrigues at Geneva II

“The idea of Montreux” – the idea of engaging in a peace process and national dialog in Syria under international mediation – died before it could be born.  A nasty intrigue, involving the UN Secretary-General and the employment of such petty chicaneries as delaying the airplane carrying the Syrian delegation […]

Cum sa ai o intalnire de succes de pe site-uri de profil?

Ca majoritatea lucrurilor din viata, exista avantaje si dezavantaje pentru filme porno. Cu toate acestea, nu am vazut niciodata un dezavantaj in a-l folosi! Sa examinam cateva dintre avantaje si dezavantaje. In primul rand, am constatat ca si alte site-uri cu cele mai noi filme porno din 2021 fac o […]

Return of Al-Qaeda

How did al-Qaeda, a tiny anti-Communist group in Afghanistan that had no more than 200 active members in 2001 become a supposed worldwide threat? How can al-Qaeda be all over the Mideast, North Africa, and now much of black Africa? This after the US spent over $1 trillion trying to […]

Canvas: The Belgrade US-Financed Training Group Behind the Carefully-Orchestrated Kiev Protests

The recent protests in Ukraine have the stench of a foreign-orchestrated attempt to destabilize the government of Viktor Yanukovych after he walked away from signing an EU Association Agreement that would have driven a deep wedge between Russia and Ukraine. Glamor-star boxer-turned political guru, Vitaly Klitschko, has been meeting with […]