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Is There Such A Thing As #MAGACommunism?

The answer is in the affirmative and is arrived at after accepting that both movements prioritize the improvement of people’s living standards and the strengthening of state sovereignty, albeit in different ways. This means that they’re simply separate paths to the same noble goals at their most basic form if […]

British black propaganda

The British Art Of Black Propaganda

Never underestimate the potency, and deceptive malice, of the British political mind. In responding to the threat posed by Imperial Germany during the First World War, the British propaganda campaign made much of the atrocity tale, the nun raping German and the baby bayoneting Hun. The effectiveness of the campaign […]

China’s stock market

Beijing Bingo

My father, a New York financier, used to call dubious stocks or bonds, “Chinese paper.” Last week, we saw a blizzard of Chinese paper, both in China and around the world. As manager of a sizeable investment portfolio (an unwelcome second job from my main work, journalism), I watched last […]