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Zelensky meets Biden

Zelensky Rubbishes Biden’s War On Russia

What was the need for all that happened in the period since mid-December when Russia transmitted to Washington its demands for security guarantee? This question will haunt US president Joe Biden long after he retires from public life. The foreign policy legacy of his presidency and the reputation of this […]

Zelenskiy thinking

Here’s How Russia’s Special Operation In Ukraine Can Succeed Without Regime Change

The socio-political and military objectives that Russia is aiming to achieve can be fulfilled through diplomatic means so long as Ukrainian President Zelensky has the will. Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine aims to pursue several objectives: stopping Kiev’s genocide of the indigenous Russian people of Donbass; denazifying and demilitarizing […]

Russian-Ukrainian talks in Belarus

Ukraine Faces Defeat

Belying the predictions of western media, Russia’s special operation in Ukraine is entering a successful endgame on the political and diplomatic track much sooner than one would have thought. A close reading of the outcome of the 3rd round of peace talks in Belarus last night is that the Ukrainian […]

Assault ships

Russia’s Ukraine Operations Enter New Phase

Following last two days’ lull in fighting, Russia’s ‘special operations’ in Ukraine will be entering a critical phase. As the prelude, humanitarian corridors have been opened in four sectors, per a personal intervention with President Putin by French President Emmanuel Macron. A ceasefire has also been announced. These four sectors […]

Biden loses control

US Loses Its Dominion Over America

Russia’s military operation in Ukraine has unexpectedly revealed a rift of historic proportions in the Americas. Countries in Latin America are shaking off the White House’s influence and gaining political autonomy. How is it that Washington has lost its own “backyard”, which, until recently, had obeyed it unquestioningly? At first […]