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Nuclear War Over Ukraine?

How many American soldiers will die in the battle for Luhansk? Or Kerch? Not 1 in 1,000 Americans could find these drab Ukrainian (formerly Russian) industrial cities on a map. How many Americans are aware that a unit of the Florida National Guard is stationed in western Ukraine, of all […]

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US Shows The Exit Ramp To Russia

Getting off your high horse is never easy and it remains to be seen how deftly Moscow navigates its path in the downstream of President Vladimir Putin’s 50-minute phone conversation Thursday with his American counterpart Joe Biden. Washington highlighted that the conversation took place following Putin’s “request” — meaning, the […]

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Putin Hints At Military Options In Ukraine

The Rossiya 1 state television in Moscow broadcasted last Sunday President Vladimir Putin’s annual press conference on Friday. It conveys a much fuller picture of the grave crisis brewing in the Russian-American relations than what the excerpts in the Russian media sought to convey over the weekend. Putin has, for […]


Did Russia’s “Security Equation” Proposal Save Europe?

The Biden Administration has thus far successfully thwarted its anti-Russian “deep state” faction’s globally destabilizing gamble to dangerously sabotage the strategic parity between the US and Russia, but it was only able to do so because of Russia’s “security equation” proposal. The undeclared US-provoked missile crisis in Europe appears to […]

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There Are No ‘Common Values’ Between Europeans And The US

The virtual summit for democracy organised from Washington is a gigantic qui-pro-quo. Many commentators have noted that it does not aim to promote a political regime, but to ideologically consolidate the military alliance behind the United States; a development that prepares new wars. Thierry Meyssan shows that, far from being hypocritical, Washington is on the contrary very clear in its objective. It is his partners who bear the blame by pretending to ignore that the words he uses do not have the same meaning for them.

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Putin Rejects Biden’s Demand That The U.S. Take Control Over The Negotiations Between Ukraine And Its Former Donbass Region

The two-hour December 7th Biden-Putin conversation (via video-conference) focused mainly on the conflict between Ukraine and its breakaway former Donbass region, which is in Ukraine’s far east and borders on Russia. In order to understand the conversation, some basic history that produced the current situation there needs to be stated, […]