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The Top Five Geostrategic Trends Of Biden’s “New World Order”

The top five geostrategic trends that were identified in this analysis are also importantly occurring within the ongoing ‘Great Reset’/’Fourth Industrial Revolution’ (GR/4IR), the full-spectrum paradigm-changing processes of which were accelerated by the international community’s uncoordinated efforts to contain COVID-19 (‘World War C’), which even Russia has embraced to a […]

Putin in Jerusalem

Putin Had A Dream To Reset The World Order

Moscow has a way of signalling to the White House on critical issues from time to time through public statements calibrated to catch President Trump’s attention. It happens usually on Sundays such as on July 11 when the Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov transmitted a complicated signal which pointedly called attention to […]


Global War Agenda: One World

Trump came with dangerous ideas and one of them was disrespect for all existing global political, geographical, social, environmental, and economic orders and agreements. His rallies included the slogan MAGA – Make America Great Again. Blue collar Americans from the Rust belt cheered as he promised them well paying jobs; […]