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Highlights From Lavrov’s Interview With India Today

Lavrov’s interview with India Today was particularly interesting because observers could see exactly what he wanted to emphasize for this enormous non-Western audience. This interaction provided a glimpse into Russia’s evolving strategic communications policy towards the Global South, which is expected to continue being fine-tuned to the point of perfection […]

Russia's Foreign Minister Lavrov and UK Foreign Secretary Truss meet in Moscow

Lavrov Is A Gentleman Who’d Never Disrespect A Lady, Even A Rude & Undiplomatic One

Observers should always remember how gentlemanly Lavrov is even if some of those from the Alt-Media Community fantasize about him and his government aggressively mistreating their Western counterparts for political reasons. The Western Mainstream Media (MSM) once again spread fake news about Russia by claiming that Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov […]

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Reflections On Events In Afghanistan (III)

3. The Return of the Native There is immense curiosity about the Taliban’s first moves following the dramatic return to Kabul after two decades. The big question on everyone’s mind is whether the Taliban has ‘changed’ since the 1990s. Opinions vary. But, so far at least, there are no signs […]

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Biden-Putin Summit Is On

On March 17, on the eve of the first scheduled meeting in Alaska of senior Chinese and American diplomats since President took office, the United States sanctioned twenty-four Chinese officials for undermining Hong Kong’s democratic freedoms, including a member of the Communist Party’s Politburo, Wang Chen. In diplomatic terms, the timing […]