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America SECRET Wars

America’s SECRET Wars

An excerpt will be published here from a study recently published by a mainstream U.S. nonprofit-charity-thinktank, about the U.S. regime’s many recent and ongoing secret wars. First, however, that charity’s relationship to the study’s topic should be mentioned here: The Brennan Center for Justice was founded and is mainly financed […]


The American People vs. The American Congress

On December 13th, Gallup listed, in order of Americans’ polled ratings of issues as being the nation’s “Most Important Problem”, all 14 issues that more than 2% of Americans thought to be that; and here they were, in order from the top-most to the bottom-most, of all issues that the […]

US Congress

U.S. Congress Prepares To Declare War Against Russia

The Hill newspaper headlined on December 21st “Congress aims to label Russia ‘Aggressor State’ instead of state sponsor of terrorism”, and reported that Congressional leadership is working to quickly introduce a bill condemning Russia as an “Aggressor State” amid plans for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to visit Washington on Wednesday.  […]